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The Monkey King


The Art Order is holding a challenge to create a piece of personal art. Some of the prompts were mythology and folklore which got me thinking about mythology that isn’t as popular. 131 more words

Monkey Prison

YOU’VE probably assumed I’m dead in Bali somewhere. Probably when Mojo posted Death to the Monkey King so you’d forget about me.

I have a highlighter and a square of toilet paper, so I’ve little space to write. 423 more words


Monkey King

I love management games.  Going back to SimCity 2000, they’ve been one of my favorite genres.  I take great delight in managing the lives of people, providing for their needs, patiently guiding them to utopia.   416 more words


Movie review: Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

Journey to the West is a whimsical modern version of part of the Chinese classic Xiyouji. Of course, liberties are taken with the story, which focuses on the taming of the demons that accompany the Chinese Buddhist monk Xuan Zang on his trek to India to obtain a number of Buddhist sutras (sacred texts ascribed to be the words of the Buddha). 274 more words