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Pot will be legalized soon. Because I have children, I have been thinking about what that means for them. If I had to pick, I would want my kids to smoke marijuana over alcohol. 319 more words


Do Experiments Get Better with Each Abuse?

Why repeat experiments for decades even though these have been already dissected, researched and studied from every angle possible? Who is behind these inhumane doings? And who pays for them? 186 more words

Animal Welfare

My Day Trip to Gibraltar

It has been a magical time in Andalusia, Spain reminding me why I have settled here. Snow is beginning to form on a few distant mountain tops but not in the sea-side towns that hug the Mediterranean coastline in southern Spain. 569 more words


Sleep, Dreaming & Insomnia

What is happening when we sleep? (WMG 24.6.14)

During sleep, most of the energy of the person is reabsorbed into the Inner Being. The Inner Being spends it on other things it wants to do, maybe to give energy to others of its Wooden Dolls that are awake when you are asleep. 1,565 more words

Inner Being