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Hot Monkey

Monkey tries to cool down.  Prints at Society 6

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AP x

Fear and Tito in Las Vegas

Fear and Tito in Las Vegas

It was raining like a mother fucker and for the love of Pete, neither Tito or I could get the damn convertible top up. 963 more words


Rot Giant Tyrant

We won’t take it anymore

Set them Monkey’s free.

The Haiku

The Last Ship, Episode 5: "El Toro" Review

Thank the gods of action TV tropes!  This was not a groundbreaking episode, but it was a good ‘un, and a definite breath of fresher air after the implausible series nadir of last week. 1,542 more words

Monkey's blanket

Before he was born I bought some wool and started making a baby blanket for Monkey. I actually ended up ripping the whole thing out and starting again after he was here because I wasn’t happy with it but I did make him the blanket. 508 more words