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The charau-ka are a race of little-known intelligent ape-men who live in the jungles of the south of Esperia. These small ape-men look like baboons but they live in tribes like people. 143 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

My Sarah Palin Channel (dot com)

I didn’t think Stephen Colbert should be the only one.

A brilliant and satirical move by Colbert to purchase TheSarahPalinChannel.com —- genius.

As a tip of the hat to Colbert, and a move to jump on the bandwagon (and perhaps a risen middle finger to Palin) I am now the proud owner of “MySarahPalinChannel.com” 525 more words

The Oldest Drug is

Love and there really is nothing quite as absorbing as being in love (ok, honestly maybe Heroin). It is an awful induced sloppy feeling that takes away all rationale and replaces it with glitter, chocolates and expensive dining bills. 964 more words


Singapore & Malaysia

These are some of the shots I took while traveling through Singapore and Malaysia.


31 Aladdin

My wife says that Aladdin is a “boy movie.” She’s not wrong. It’s a total sausage fest. It doesn’t help that the only woman with a substantial role wears a tube top the whole time. 2,510 more words

Monkeying Around

Just a little something to help you get  over Humpday. :)