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Cute Things!

Hey Bloggers!!,

Today, I went to the Zoo in Melbourne, Victoria in my home country of Australia. My trip to the zoo inspired a new topic for a blog, entitled Things ALMOST as cute as Dougie Poynter :) 104 more words

Monkeying Around at Swayambhunath

One of my favourite places in Kathmandu is the Swayambhunath Temple. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Swayambhunath is a Tibetan Buddhist site of worship atop a substantial hill in the Kathmandu Valley, and is well known for its resident holy monkeys. 707 more words


Exhibition Proposal Specification document

Our Official proposed Ideas towards the exhibition space, All info is collected and laid out into a design booklet. The booklet explains our concept, our objectives, design specifications, the colour scheme, fonts and over all theme, interactivity, success criteria and limitation, budget and project time scale. 35 more words

The Lanta Lurgy

Our time on the island of Koh Lanta has been based around three things; sand, sickness and 7/11. The island is bordered by a long beach which they have imaginatively named Long Beach. 94 more words


There are a lot in India. Nature and people collide all over the country and like the raccoons of Canada, monkeys clamber amongst the sprawling population. 90 more words

Our Asia Adventure

So it was my sisters 25th birthday on Friday so on Saturday we went to a zoo, as you do, we got there and it was so lush to see loads of different types of animals. 142 more words