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Highway to heaven?

So we had started our Bali adventures in Kuta and ended them there too, but this Kuta sandwich was not without some “road less travelled” (or “road never before travelled”) in between. 1,615 more words


Travel Theme: Simplify

Sometimes you just have to do the simple things in life like stopping to watch the sunset.

Like these monkeys at Amber Fort. Of course I wasn’t watching the sunset, I was watching the monkeys.

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Marmoset Monkeys for Sale: Applying for a Wildlife Permit in Florida

Purchasing marmoset monkeys for sale isn’t as easy as walking up to a store and walking back home with a monkey in tow. Monkeys are classified as exotic animals, so people seeking to own one as a pet are required to contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and apply for a wildlife permit.


Road trip from Hyderabad to SriSailam

Srisailam is a famous abode of Lord Shiva. It is very near to Hyderabad and roughly takes 3-4 hours in a car. The road is utterly beautiful and scenic. 110 more words



Aby dostać się do Tortuguero musieliśmy wstać przed siódmą. Okazało się, że mogliśmy pospać pół godziny dłużej, bo właśnie tyle czekaliśmy na autobus. Jazda do Limon zajęła nam prawie godzinę, później jeszcze 15 minut taksówką i byliśmy już w porcie Moin, w którym rozpoczęła się naszą 4-godzinna wycieczka łodzią do parku narodowego Tortuguero. 1,276 more words

Central America


Schedule for word selection, dates listed are the reveal dates for that round.

May we ask kindly monkey, that you keep your word choice under your monkey hat so that it gives other players the same amount of time to draw the word and of course makes it all the more exciting. 140 more words

Monkey Side Bars

Animal Play in Costa Rica

I’ve started taking my quiet time at dusk out by the swimming pool. I sneak out like a teenager going for a smoke, and start my routine. 67 more words

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