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Navigating The Amazon

Sometimes my job takes me to interesting places.

I’m currently in the Amazon, painting decorative art work on trees as part of a scientific study of how the local Emperor Tamarin monkeys react to colour. 183 more words


Koh Chang, Day 3

This morning was treated to the first of my spa package, a 1 hour Thai Massage. Holy crap. It was unreal. I have never had a Thai Massage before – I haven’t been able to touch my toes since before I grew 12″ when I was 13. 123 more words


India: The One with the Monkeys

During my time in India, Apoorva, her parents (my guides), and myself traveled to the Himalayas where the breeze cooled, the air freshened, and our adventure continued.  742 more words


Monkey Party

I LOVE everything about UTM except for the monkeys.

Okay. Picture this. When you’re driving in the car for three hours and your mouth is watering from the smell of the freshly baked breads which you’ve purchased just a couple of hours before. 515 more words

Wow, my drunk monkeys really get around... (or): Drunken monkey; not just a style of kung fu!

Some of you may remember this picture from a post I did a while back… which would be good, because I don’t remember the post at all, and I had more or less forgotten ever doing this picture… 214 more words