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Vocabulary Chapter 7- Anthropoid

Monkeys, apes, and humans are all members of the group known as anthropoids. They are members of the primates who are characterized by certain abilities and adaptations. 75 more words

Maui Comes Home

Alyeska skated home on her skateboard.

Alyeska patinó a casa en su monopatín.

Mr. Leaf: Oh, Alyeska!  Did you know that Maui is coming home from Finland today? 170 more words

Monkeying around

I have had quite a few encounters with these brats…sneaking up and grabbing a bag of sweets right outside my hotel room in Matheran or simply circling around to make me break into a sweat. 19 more words


The 500th Blog

When a friend of mine first moved to Canada from Germany, I often took him around to parties or events so that he could meet more locals. 538 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought & Reality

Glorious Gibraltar

I qualify this post by the fact that Gibraltar belongs to the UK, so technically conforms to this blog’s title. I’ll have to rename it anyway when I move back to Germany! 345 more words


Wasatch Powder Monkeys Switchblade Crossbars Grey, 50in

Reviews Wasatch Powder Monkeys Switchblade Crossbars Grey, 50in for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Wasatch Powder Monkeys Switchblade Crossbars Grey, 50in… 72 more words

Rubisco and the tendency towards perfection

The effects of scala naturae in the way we think about the evolutionary process are profound and harmful. As a shameful example, it comes to my mind the ludicrous concept that “man came from monkey”. 1,395 more words

Evolutionary Biology