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How to Love a City Girl- latest on Elephant Journal

Because someone is teaching me how to be loved, and it’s necessary to share with anyone who loves, or may some day love, a city girl.

Being A Writist.

The Grottoes of Shibaoshan

So I don’t want to mislead you.  It’s not like we sat around in little cafes and never did ANYTHING in Shaxi.  There were a few cool adventures along the way.  507 more words


Day 45 - The Monkey Mailman

No one was quite sure how the package got shipped to the Burlington Arms, let alone what to do with it once it arrived. The staff received the largish crate, addressed to an individual who was not, and seemingly never had been, residing at the hotel, and put it in the office to be dealt with later. 311 more words

The Pound

Simian capture

On my first date with Hiro he took me to the Osaka Zoo. He had no money, so the zoo was an inexpensive entertainment. Having not been to a zoo since I was in grade school, I was moderately interested — but I never would have gone on my own. 106 more words


Hands on Amazon - Volunteering at the Animal Shelter

The flight to Puerto Maldonado, our gateway town to the Amazon, was packed with travellers on group tours, trying to outdo one another with their local knowledge and awkward jokes about elements of the culture they didn’t get. 3,534 more words

Nothing To See Here

I’ll be honest, I’m really not in the mood to write anything today. But I felt I should still post an entry in case someone randomly decides to come on here wanting to read something…I know, imagine that! 881 more words

Random Nonsense