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"OOH! That's cold!"

Let’s be honest; we all do this when we are subjected to the stethoscope!


Today is my wife’s Birthday.

As usual, we went for a hike, it was a beautiful day in Marin County.

I was thinking about another birthday, a few years back, when we did the same thing. 75 more words

For the Record: I Do Not Hate Monkeys

Darling Daughter is in Thailand, where apparently it rains monkeys every day… and here’s this morning’s text fail:

I should really stop messaging with my glasses off… sheesh.
Mother Hen


EBOLA OUTBREAK Predicted In The Simpsons 1997 Episode - You Tube

Do you see the monkey??? Some Americans are so dumb down, (sorry) only monkeys can get it and spread it to another monkey. So why do they have a monkey in the bed sick with Ebola? 9 more words

Monkey Magic and Majestic Elephants


Thailand is home to many different species of primates but the most common monkey you’ll see when visiting is a macaques (pronounced “ma kak”), a small, grey or grey-brown animal that usually hangs out in trees or other foliage. 288 more words


Life in the Jungle - Chapter Two - Maurice the Fun-Loving Monkey

A friend requested a story to fit her book of illustrations. The illustrations will follow in due course. It is a story with seven chapters (seven illustrations, that is). 664 more words

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