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Ora pro nobis

I’m painting monks at the moment. Five of them are now finished, the next are almost done and yet another five await the brush. They are the inhabitants of the small monastery of St Gotthart in the Black Mountains. 376 more words

The Dirge

My mom claims that people die in groups of three. I don’t know if this is a real thing or something that we made up. But, whenever we’ve learned someone has passed, it’s usually followed by news of two more shortly after. 598 more words



Thanks to the strange world of designers and street style, joggers (or sweatpants, but I find ‘joggers’ fancier and a bit less gross-sounding) have been an official Fashion Thing for a while now. 596 more words


Jus Sayin 1220

A man decides to check out of the Rat Race and boards a plane to India.  Arriving there, he immediately finds a guide to take him to a Tibetan Monastery high in the Himalayas.   132 more words


Discipline? Whut.

Here’s some informative writing for y’all that I wrote after reading The Rule by St. Benedict which laid down rules for monkish living in the Middle Ages: 515 more words

Bonus Friday-Before-Christmas Post: Monks' Hallelujah!

Since this has been around since 2008, I can’t imagine that there are too many people who haven’t seen it. I typically post it on Facebook every Christmas, and after rewatching it on my commute this morning and remembering just how brilliant it is, I thought it was worth a share. 18 more words