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Hazy Landscape...

We can never know exactly how the weather will be when we head out to photograph the landscape. The conditions may be wonderful as we set out, but by the time we reach a good vantage point it may have changed slightly. 138 more words


Quiet Thoughts

She had no tolerance for scenes which were not of her own making.  Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth


What Gets Me Through The Week......

It’s Monday, it is going to be a long week work wise. I loved my weekend, I filled it with friends, laughter, photography and culture thrown in. 74 more words


The Priory

A moody and traditional treatment of an architectural treasure.


The Portrait Session #23.......Working it

Today I hooked up with my friend, the newly married Aghogho of Zelda and Festus at Edinburgh’s Flea Market, where she was selling vintage clothing and her accessories line. 34 more words


Inexhaustible Hong Kong

The range of imagery in Hong Kong is breathtaking.

You look.

You think about things.

There’s a mental itch you can’t get to and a glimmer you’re aiming at. 71 more words

Street Photography

Moments In-between.....

I love the moments in-between, spaces  filled with the ordinary.  This shot was taken on my recent visit to the Q pop restaurant on Selfridges roof, after my meal.  54 more words