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5 days of Monochrome #1

First time ever I was using a 50mm prime Lens. How I wish I had one of my own!! Loved it and Super Loved it. 61 more words


Danse Macabre

A chapel in Kutna Hora (Czech Republic) is decorated with human remains.


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 75-77…

Day 75…

Giraffes hello at the Albany Carousel.

Day 76…

Mist of fog and echo of hooves. 

Day 77…

Problematic skies, again.

Oregon Photos

It's Over

Josh and I have been having a bit of a party around here because my semester is finally over. Although I was aiming for mostly A’s, I think I got away with two A’s and 2 B’s in the end. 261 more words

along...a path

from bare brush

along a mountain path–

the sound of frost



Haiku before Haiku

Steven Carter