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Monologue over a paper cup of coffee

Would you ever, let’s say if you would ever, try to have a fixation on caffeine. Days would seem longer and your eyes would feel the most dry still shiny meat balls your heart would ever feed on rushing purple blood. 224 more words

Teaching Is a Dialogue Not a Monologue

Everyone is a teacher in some capacity in life, whether or not you get paid for your services. Whether it is parenting, tech support, customer service, counseling, medicine, law, sales, or preaching, there is some element of instruction that takes place as we interact with each other. 520 more words



At three, you indulge yourself
A bit of verse ,your  universe
To look at your self in waters
Not as self-love but hold from
Getting washed away to hills. 18 more words

A Poem A Day By A.J.Rao

Joke time p. 128

The cruise ship carrying a hospital worker being monitored for Ebola docked in Galveston, Texas today after tests confirmed she did not have the virus. The local tourism bureau has taken this in stride however and already changed their official slogan to: 10 more words


The Internal Struggle

He would never like me, how could he? He doesn’t even know I exist. Well okay, he knows I exist because he’s in my English class, he at least knows my name. 265 more words


The Journey Back Home

You want to know how to get to the nearest library? Are you from out of town? You are? Well, it’s always nice when someone new comes to visit. 1,713 more words



My instigator my destroyer

You have manifested yourself as the fulcrum of my polarity

Where I beg you to tarnish my soul

And yearn for your gentle kiss to heal me… 121 more words