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Joke time p. 146

A Utah man has been charged with harassing an owl while on a motorized paraglider. Well apparently what some people call “harassing” other people call “teaching owls a much-needed lesson.”


My Super Power

My super power? I’m the invisible woman. I started out as the invisible girl, and now I’ve aged into the invisible old woman.

As a child, I was rarely asked to join any group. 226 more words


she said.

he said / she said is not
good enough, hear me out, it’s not good
enough because the she said (or six said, or eight said) is the part that’s not enough. 635 more words


The Something Monologues No.2 - Power, Ants & Aliens & the Necessary Ingredients for ET Contact

Hi Ya’ll, I’m about to have a little break from the net, so I thought I’d knock up (;-) hey Windsong) another monologue this morning on my walk. 122 more words


Joke time p. 144

A river of slow-moving lava could destroy dozens of homes on Hawaii’s Big Island in the coming days. But I mean, who would have ever guessed that homes on an island literally created entirely by lava could ever be in this crazy predicament?


Writing a Witch on the Fly

Patrick Keller, who does the Big Séance: My Paranormal World podcast, sent me an emergency request for a minute-or-two monologue featuring a witch reminiscing about Halloween. 56 more words

Audio Drama

Feedback for monoologue

This work is good:

  •   the student employs appropriate theatrical techniques to present the selected 
aspect(s) of theory in practice
  •   the student demonstrates a sustained practical application of the selected aspect(s) of theory which appropriately fulfills their stated intentions.
  • 125 more words