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Letters. (I)


The wildflowers in my heart continue to grow.



blog tour: my writing process

i’ve been nominated by my good friend justin million to take part in this blog tour series about my writing process. i was nominated along with two talented ottawa poets, … 684 more words


Post like you've never posted before

According to research a woman’s sex drive begins to plummet once she is in a secure relationship. This is why KAY Jewelers has renamed their engagement ring collection to the ‘No Sex Section’ 242 more words


To the Lady with the marvelous smile ..

To the Lady with the marvelous smile,
Couldst Thee turn Thy beauteous face my way?
And open Thy ears and Thy Heart a while,
I have words of import I wish to say, 314 more words


If you have been on this planet for as long as I have been. You might have realized there are two kind of people, one those who inspire you, those who motivate you; those you look forward to meet even before your meeting with them ends, the same people make you think of conversations you would like to have with them, these people force you to become a better version of yourself. 207 more words

"Stars" A Monologue Written by Briana Ferguson

This is not one of my short stories, but I did write it. I used it as a monologue for my Musical Theatre diploma.
All these words do ring true for myself. 369 more words

Briana Ferguson



I woke up.

I was in a hospital, all lights pointed towards me. About ten, eleven different doctors around my bed. What happened? Why was I there? 80 more words