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Sneaky Bandits: MSG & Gelatin

Have you ever wondered why your favorite Chinese food leaves you bloated or with a headache? You could be reacting to the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate.   765 more words


MSG or the Chinese restaurant syndrome

Very interesting Tabou subject.

Glutamate is everywhere in our natural food but also used as an additive of flavors in his processed stage. MSG

Unami has been re-discovered as the fifth taste in food and imply a strong concentration of glutamate in food. 76 more words

Food labeling loopholes and MSG explained

Food additives are not designed to improve foods, but to aid in the production process. Due to food laws, producers of products are legally allowed to leave out certain ingredients from their labels, as long as they have fulfilled their technical functions before the food is packaged. 470 more words

Dorota Trupp

High fructose corn syrup – myth versus science

Via Skeptical Raptor

One of the most frustrating things I’ve observed in nearly six years of writing (here and in other locations), is that those who want to create a negative myth about a new technology (especially in food or medicine), one of the best ways to do it is mention “chemicals.” And if the chemical sounds unnatural, the assumption is that it is unsafe. 233 more words


MSG - The Deadly Weapon of Corporations

Do you ever wonder why there is such a high level of obesity now compared to in the past?
I know I do.

It’s no surprise that food companies, like other large corporations, want to increase their business. 334 more words


Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - Silent killer or harmless thriller?

MSG causes liver disease. MSG is safe. MSG causes insulin resistance. MSG is safe. MSG associated with obesity. MSG is safe. MSG causes headaches. MSG is safe. 988 more words

Short Read About MSG

“It’s not profitable to teach people how to avoid these ingredients.”

One of my new years resolutions has been to become a better consumer. I’m learning how important it is to educate yourself, in order to ensure your own well-being. 183 more words