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Does Your Family Use Goya Products?

I grew up on Goya products my whole life, from their seasonings, rice, beans, and more. My mother and grandmother would use their products in their delicious and traditional Puerto Rican home cooked meals all the time. 583 more words


How Are You Still Hungry!? - This Food Additive Might Be To Blame

You just ate so much Chinese food, but you’re still hungry.  You ate a ton of cookies, but you can always have one more.  You go to bed full, but wake up for a midnight snack anyway.   428 more words



NATASHA: So what is this?!!!! I’ve just been to the dustbin and found 15, yes that’s right, 16 empty pot noodle pot’s. What on earth has been going on while i have been sweating blood sweat and tears over SAT’S? 58 more words

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MSG: Monosodium Glutmate and the Power of Folklore

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is perhaps the most ostracized food ingredient alongside the much-maligned gluten. MSG’s origins are described in the Japan Patent Office site as: 664 more words

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Umami: Cleverest Marketing Scheme?

What’s umami?

It’s a flavor variously described as savory and satisfying and rich. Foodies and scientists alike are calling it the “fifth taste,” an official category of flavor recognized by specialized taste receptors in the human mouth.

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A Perspective on Drinking Water – What We’re Really Drinking and its Importance

Additions to drinking water have been a hot topic for many years. Many of us go to the kitchen and pour ourselves a glass of water in belief that it is quenching our thirst, hydrating our bodies and boosting our bodily health; all of which I believe to be very true. 3,870 more words