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Having terrible technical problems blogging from the Pindi Printshop this evening. WordPress and Android don’t seem to like each other at the best of times, but throw erratic Internet access into the mix and I’ve just written off the last 2 hours! 103 more words


The Finished Article

This is the finished monotype and ghost that I was working on yesterday at the Zaira Zaka print residency in Rawalpindi. The original image started as a digital photograph that I played about with in Photoshop. 90 more words


Nail Biting

Worked at the Pindi Printshop until 4 am and now back at it. We’re working on full colour reduction monotypes which take ages. The process involves printing 3 plates on top of each other, the first in yellow, red for the second and finally the third in blue. 75 more words


Going Back

In a few hours I’ll be starting my journey from little Wales to great big Pakistan. It’s a return journey for me; I visited in 2007 and I loved it so much that I’ve always wanted to go back, but life got in the way. 235 more words



Someone asked me recently if I’d ever pressed monotypes. I made a dozen or more as part of my art studies but I was never satisfied with the results. 142 more words