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"GMO OMG": You call this a serious documentary? LOL

You certainly can’t criticize the documentary “GMO OMG” by complaining that it bombards the viewer with facts and figures. The presence of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) is a complicated and controversial subject, so how does filmmaker Jeremy Seifert tackle it? 436 more words

Don't Be Fooled by Right-To-Farm Tactics of Deception

The significance of the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment, also known as Amendment 1 cannot be overstated.

The tactics of deception begin in the title, “Right to Farm.” It sounds like a no brainer. 588 more words


Constitutional Amendment 1: Protects Corporate and Foreign-Owned Ag

You’ve probably seen the signs along rural highways and farm related service businesses. They read “Keep Missouri Farming Yes on 1″, while on the surface that sounds like a good idea further research suggests that you might want to vote “no”. 699 more words


Agitating Against Agribusiness

There was music; there was food; there were people dressed like bees. Approximately 150 people attended the March Against Monsanto event at the Capitol last Saturday. 950 more words


My new ID card made me cry in the housing office...


I reached a milestone today, and I did not even mean to do it. I had my new ID card made for the 2014-2015 school year, and when she put the warm freshly printed plastic in my hand, tears unexpectedly rolled down my cheeks. 896 more words