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Mike Adams: Quack Suggests Murdering Monsanto-supporting Scientists

I normally pay no attention to online provocateurs, but since I’m covering some more mainstream quacks (like Vani Hari “Food Babe” and Dr. Oz), let’s take a look at people who make them seem reasonable. 365 more words

Diet And Exercise

Lambs to the GMO slaughter

American diets are being bombarded with genetically modified foods. Big seed companies initiate it. Big food business loves it. Big government enables it. But Americans are ones paying the price through their pocketbook and especially their health. 623 more words


The Agricultural Holocaust explained: the 10 worst ways GMOs threaten humanity and our natural world


by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Why are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a serious threat to humanity and the environment? The reasons span the realms of science, social justice, economics and the environment, and once you understand this, you’ll readily understand why so many environmentalists, humanitarians, responsible scientists and social justice advocates are strongly opposed to GMOs. 1,826 more words

Agricultural Issues In Africa

How Monsanto and biotech companies violate the Nuremberg Code with inhumane experiments on humans

The basic human rights protections established by the Nuremberg Code, which was adopted immediately after the end of World War II, continue to serve as a global template for how human beings are to be treated by the scientific community. 350 more words


Organic vs non-organic food

An international team of experts led by Newcastle University has shown that organic crops are up to 60% higher in a number of key antioxidants than conventionally-grown ones. 877 more words