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I sometimes wonder why so many people will outright call you a fanatic if you try to inform them about what’s happening in our skies. Think about it for a sec. 557 more words


The Alarming Truths About GMOs

The Alarming Truths About GMOs. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are detrimental to your overall health. Discover why these genetically modified foods are NOT safe to consume. 15 more words


I smell a rat

Image courtesy of: gmo-journal.com

I want to share with you Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini’s study published in 2012 which shows some shocking results regarding the consumption of GM foods, particularly GM maize. 554 more words

Mega-Churches Are the Factory Farms of Christianity


We have seen the cost of monoculture in agriculture settings and the cost to the food system.  We have seen that the movement of God in creation is division and separation (that is to say that God, in creation, separates light from dark, water below from water above , fish and birds, etc.).   522 more words

Denmark - Deformed piglets from Monsanto Roundup-contaminated feed shown on TV

Danish television has for the first time broadcast a programme showing the deformed piglets of the pig farmer Ib Pedersen: the number of deformities correlate with the amount of glyphosate residue in the feed. 618 more words


Vermont Says NO to GMO And Monsanto!


Not that I’m all that surprised…I’m a native New Englander and Vermont has always been liberal and bucolic and determined to stay that way. 201 more words

Newz From The Left

Fishy Sugar Beet

Fishy Sugar Beet, AKA Rooty, is a sweet ride that cruises the country spreading the word about GMOs and the need to label them. Rooty, along with her 4 counterparts; fishy soy, corn, apple & tomato, were designed by DC artist Cesar Maxit for the group,  217 more words