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History's Greatest Monster, In Fact

‘Don’t worry, the mistletoe isn’t giving me a rash. That was there already!’

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One Cthulhu drawing a day for one year.


Sorry , My Wallet's In My Other Set Of Feathers...

The seagulls in Aberdeen are huge. If you can imagine a small dog with wings and a 4 inch beak then that’s them… 200 more words


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Action Movie Fanatix Review: Legendary

Fear The Legend

Starring: Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Yi Huang, James Lance, Lydia Leonard, Gene Le

Director: Eric Styles

2014 | 92 Minutes | PG-13… 336 more words


Secret Military Missions - The Untold Story

The Sightings 2020

We were sent to Iraq on a peace mission, the war has been over for some time now about 5 years. Obama was out of office, I guess he just couldn’t handle the stress and hate of the American people. 2,251 more words