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Festival of Writing 2014 Scene Eight: Hold Back the Monster

Jeremy Sheldon showed us how horror can influence any kind of fiction writing. Horror has potential and expectation that keeps the watcher/reader guessing and keeps building and releasing tension as the story unfolds. 199 more words


The Doc Speaks: D&D Monsters II - Electric Boogaloo

Thinking about it, I should have saved the title for when I talked about Outsiders (i.e. alien beings and elementals) and Constructs (i.e. robots). Oh well, wasted play on words. 2,163 more words


"The Origin" by Richard O'Brien & Richard F. Yates

The Omegaphant Plant is a beautiful thing,
self-sufficient and self-healing from summer to spring.
An important note here, it’s between second to none:
If you’ve done the math, this means that there’s only one. 286 more words


Halloween Horror and A Classy Babe of the Golden Age of Horror

Tonight on the show we have a HUGE LINE UP Tony Moran who played the unmasked Michael Myers in Halloween, we will play his interview late into the show. 74 more words


once a year...

once a year, when the end is near

oh, yes I fear!

A day when all agitating awakens

it celebrates, pain day

by that time I become insane…

55 more words

Underappreciated Monsters

There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard of a zombie, werewolf, or vampire. These creatures have been part of our media/cultural consciousness for decades. 702 more words

Patrick Rutigliano