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What’s that coming over the hill?


July 2014 in Mathematics Blogging

We’ve finally reached the kalends of August so I can look back at the mathematics blog statistics for June and see how they changed in July. 478 more words


Werewolves (Part Three)

Last week we went over the Werewolves of Italy, the Lupo Mannaro. This week’s Werewolf topic is on the Werewolves of Ireland, the Faoladh (aka Conroicht). 544 more words


Weird Video of the Week

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been going through some minor health problems lately, and unfortunately I’ll be going through surgery in the near future. 69 more words


Kids Fighting Their Bedroom Monsters

It makes me shudder to remember the way I used to scamper up the stairs at night, convinced I could feel some hidden entity’s eyes upon me as I fled the darkness. 51 more words


Interesting Spec Fic Markets for August and Beyond!

Just some interesting speculative fiction markets I’ve come across this month, with a deadline sometime this month – I thought it’d be nice to share. All of these markets are pro-paying, by the way, unless I mention otherwise: 455 more words