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Eleven Books that Changed My Life (really only nine)

Miles told Sean to do this, and Sean told me to do this. “11 books that have stayed with me. Not literary masterpieces or the ‘right’ books, but books that have become a part of me in some way.” 568 more words


When Monsters Come Calling

I had a pretty traumatic experience a week ago (another time, another post). It was an experience with a real life monster.

What happened left me thinking about monsters. 551 more words


Which Monsters From Cabin In The Woods Would Make The Best Roommates?

If you’ve somehow never seen Cabin in the Woods and you’re a fan of horror, go watch it right now. We’ll wait for you. Are you back? 1,286 more words

Beth ydy "monster" yn Cymraeg?

Barnes & Noble has an entire section called ‘Paranormal Teen Romance’ where girls are taught that they can change a monster — John Fugelsang.

My folklore class requires that we bring in a tweet each week that is relevant to our readings.

771 more words

Watch the New Trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent

In the Middle East, soldiers embarks on a life-changing mission through the dark heart of monster territory.

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Just Add Monsters

If you read my last blog post then you know I’m getting back into writing. If you haven’t read it: how dare you!?

Well I’m also getting back into painting as well. 376 more words

Adventures In Painting

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Flyxyl" by Richard O'Brien & Richard F. Yates

The Flyxyl was a creature, but with two hearts,
one was conjoined and the other couldn’t part.
Despite being twins, the two weren’t alike,
one liked the bus and the other liked to bike. 182 more words