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Frankenstein warmup sketch

Frankenstein warmup sketch. Relaxing and sketching. Cheers.


Wicked Wednesday: Vicious Variants pt 3

Here is the final group of variant creatures from the Starter Set. Since last time, not only has the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook dropped, but so has the adventure Hoard of the Dragon Queen and with it a web supplement including all sorts of new monsters. 1,939 more words


Remembering Vampires as Monsters

When I was growing up in the eighties, vampires were scary.

Can you relate? At one time, vampires were monsters, undead that existed only to drink your blood. 259 more words


Pokemon X/Y Nuzlocke: Day 2 – Tragedy

After arriving in Santalune city I went searching for the first gym. When I got there I found a woman on roller-skates blocking my way. It was the same woman who nearly ran me over on the path to the city. 368 more words

Video Game

Champions of the Veil Chapter Twelve

Robert, Sam, and Raquel after confronting Adam Longstreet (who claims he now rules New Orleans and the French Quarter) continue sight-seeing around the area. Robert believes they need to see the many Veiled creatures of the Quarter and guides them to St. 4,584 more words

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