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I will keep standing!

I was honored to accommodate the children and teachers. I had many classrooms in which children would sit while listening to their teacher’s lectures. They were a happy family. 341 more words

Monster Cartoons

Greetings Comrades.

Here’s some old monster cartoons I’ve drawn. 19 more words



a week before i was going to see you.
the day you sent me 2 emails.
1. a short update email. moms ill, matthews still needs major care and handling, there are balls in the air, and i should not overly analyze anything.

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Sewer Critter

Under the pale white light of a ghostly moon, afloat in the velvet blanket of the night, three intrepid and, ultimately, doomed would-be heroes venture beneath the streets to see what lurks in the long dark of the sewers below…

Merry Christmas :)

Autumn Blessing Bean: An almost true story

A couple of young folks invited me to watch The Hobbit 1 and 2 with them, which was nice. But I talked too much during the spider scene in Mirkwood Forest-well, because I’m afraid of spiders, I guess. 144 more words

Human Nature