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MT Politics 2014: Illegal Drugs?

Although yesterday (4/20/14) was Easter Sunday, 4/20 is also known as “weed day” and it’s been called that since the 1970s. 420 was a supposedly police code for someone smoking pot. 420 more words


America's Incarceration Machine

     Teenager Jordan Wiser in his emergency services gear. (Source: WOIO-TV)

Excellent short video for helping the unaware understand the MASS Incarceration problem in the United States. 690 more words

Montana Department Of Corrections

Thinking About Investing In Prisons For Profit?

This following article was written in February of 2014, by an Investment Management Company, but it can be applied to any time of the year.  According to… 3,715 more words


Montana Politics: Party-Line Votes

There are always too many Democratic congressmen, too many Republican congressmen, and never enough U.S. congressmen. -Author Unknown

Lee Newspapers published two stories Monday citing a Congressional Quarterly report on the voting records of members of congress, including… 238 more words


Campaign 2014: Tea Party Candidates

Proving there’s never a dull day in Montana politics, the Montana Tea Party Coalition (MTPC) is somewhat up in arms over reports that certain candidates are being portrayed in the media as “Tea Party Candidates.” 393 more words


Campaign 2014: Potpourri

Watch out! It’s heating up in Montana’s political world! Instead of doing separate columns about the major issues, I decided to do the old “potpourri” column today! 568 more words