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Campaign 2014: The Fun Begins

As of today, there are 63 days until the November 4 General Election, but probably the most important date for Montana politicians and campaigns is October 6, 2014. 316 more words


How come insiders don't know anything about money?

Pete Talbot wondered at Intelligent Discontent what John Walsh might do with his $700,000 in remaining funds after dropping out of the campaign.

I have more basic questions, and these are questions that I know that Pete, Pogie, or any Democrat, even those who consider themselves informed insiders, cannot answer. 186 more words


Montana senate debacle an opportunity for real change

The “two”-party system is a nice containment vehicle, a way to at once allow people the illusion of participation in their governance while preventing it. It requires constant management. 912 more words

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MT Senate 2014: Ridin' the Storm Out

What you’ve got to do when you’re in trouble is stick together, keep each other warm, and always keep ridin’ the storm out! -REO Speedwagon… 545 more words


♪♪ I get a peaceful, sleazy feeling ♪♪

I am going to catch hell for using Conner’s banner here and will have to take it down, so enjoy it while it is there. He’ll get all puffy and accuse me of stealing it and write about my conscience should be like his, you know, never steal anything from others. 1,563 more words

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Thursday Numbers

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PLEASE NOTE: I’ve tried to find a source for everything used in this column just in case a New York Times reporter reviews it seven years from now… 708 more words

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MT Senate 2014: Plus 10

Mondays in the summer are not supposed to be too exciting, but with a new poll showing a dramatic change in Montana’s U.S. Senate race between Sen. 514 more words