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Yes, I was taking a picture of a picture being taken at the archaeological site of Monte Albán. (And that person is so excited!)

Sí, estuve tomando una foto de otra foto que estuvo estando tomado en el sitio arqueológico de Monte Albán. 6 more words

Visiting Ruins – From Mexico City to Cancun (03)

2009-12-27 Mexico City to Oaxaca

我们通过Bamba Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Pass来安排从墨西哥城到坎昆的交通。这是一家旅游交通公司,根据我们安排的行程,把我们从一个城市送到另一个城市,途中也安排了一些旅游项目。

早上9:10 am一部小面包车来客栈将我们接走,又去另一客栈接了三位德国小伙子。10:00 am左右离开墨西哥城。

在墨西哥城中央广场(Zocalo)见到人工搭建的冰雪场,以为墨西哥人见不到自然冰雪。想不到在墨西哥城到瓦哈卡途中会经过二座火山,分别是墨西哥境内的最高峰(Pico de Orizaba, 5636 m)和次高峰(Popocatepetl, 5426 m),山顶上终年积雪。


途中停车三次。下午5:00 pm到达入住的客栈 Hostal de Mercado。 50 more words


Postcard from Oaxaca, Mexico: Visiting a suburb of Monte Alban - Atzompa

Our cab pulling into the parking lot immediately below the ruins of Atzompa made a total of four cars. Not much of a crowd for the high season of tourism in Oaxaca, but, for some reason, the Zapotec ruins of Atzompa are not yet included on the visitor map handed out at the information booth in front of the Cathedral. 209 more words


A quick tour of the Zapotec ruins, Monte Alban

“Many indigenous groups in Mexico accepted Spanish rule, accepted their God, went to their church, brought them gold, and practiced their way of living…on the outside. 579 more words

North America

The Pyramids of Monte Alban

One of the awesome things about Mexico is that there really isn’t a shortage of pyramids. While backpacking solo through the central-ish part of the country, I saw some in… 434 more words


Visiting Ancient Ruins in Mexico

During my 2 weeks in Mexico, a highlight was visiting the famous ruins of the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations  – all unique in their own ways with fascinating histories. 388 more words