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Life-Long Love of Reading

Everyone knows the benefits of reading to your children at a very young age – it enhances verbalization and language skills, promotes the child’s imagination, provides a bonding experience for both parent and child, and so much more. 280 more words


Our Ghost Tree

Our weather has still been gorgeous everyday so the kids and I are always outside exploring different neighborhoods and playgrounds. My mom bought the kids some ghost decorations that you fill with leaves and I thought today would be the perfect day to do them before the snow ruined our fun. 219 more words


9-12 Classes enjoy picnic

It is very important to have a close and loving community at the New School and bringing the students, parents and teachers closer together was the main idea of the 9-12 picnic which was held at Buchanan Park on September 21. 163 more words


Homeschool: parts of a pumpkin

Parts of a Pumpkin

We introduced this after reading a few books about pumpkins. We had a real pumpkin to observe. We discussed the textures and made predictions. 221 more words


Students build forts

Every year, whether it has been making, designing, or helping, I’ve contributed to building forts on the New School grounds. These forts are a way to teach kids teamwork and creativity and give them a chance to help the community. 153 more words

Middle School

Report on Garden Work

On September 19, the Middle School Class worked on our soon-to-be butterfly garden. The garden will have flowers and different plants in it, but first we had to clean up the space where it will be. 89 more words

Middle School

Class Works on School Garden

The middle school class is responsible for building a garden space along the east side of the school. We are doing research about different native plants that attract butterflies and have measured and cleared the space.. 190 more words