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Living vs. Non-living Intro

Today we began with an introduction to Living and Non-living. I had cut out all the pieces the night before so that we could spend more time on discussing what was classified as living and what wasn’t. 254 more words


Australia Continent Box

I love geography.  I think I’ve already said that.  I’m working on Continent Boxes.  The first one we did was Australia because Pumpkin 1 kept talking about it and it was the easiest to put together in terms of toob figures.   305 more words


Fireball of Change: Twins Breach Cribs

Four weeks and three days ago, my twins showed each other how to bite their binkies in half.

Result: Storing the nipple in their cheeks for hours; near-death experiences… 1,378 more words


Homeschooling and Public School

I have homeschooled my children for the last five years. I feel that I have been somewhat successful at it. My daughter will be attending college next year to study acting. 849 more words


5 Principles of Montessori Schools that Should be Used by All Early Years Settings

Maria Montessori’s approach to early years education was developed around a century ago. Its reputation grew internationally over the years and is currently one of the most well-known educational philosophies. 727 more words

Early Learning

Foursquare still excites!

At recess we don’t play foursquare, we play eight square! Everyday before we go out to  recess someone gets the ball and they become king. Once we get outside, we all run to the parking squares near the magnolia tree and try to get to the available spots. 124 more words

Winter! Here it comes!

Winter. Many adults despise the season. The cold wind nips at your ears, cars are snowed in, and worst of all, kids get off school. But it is true, winter is starting, whether you like it or not. 124 more words