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Cách đọc truyện cho con CARE

Cách đọc truyện/ kể chuyện C-A-R-E:

COMBINE: tổng hợp (sau khi đọc xong, bố mẹ hỏi lại con xem trong truyện có bao nhiêu con vật/ người,… (có thể dùng câu hỏi mớ 5W- 1H). 164 more words


Creating Lifelong Learners

Technology changes constantly. As you read this blog entry, new things are being created, connections are being made, and once commonly used apps or hardware are becoming  138 more words


Our Play Room!

As the days get shorter and much colder, soon we will no longer be able to get out of the house to expel some energy. When moving, it was really important to me to have a nice playroom where the kids could climb, relax and play together. 121 more words


The Power of Community

I witnessed something wonderful this morning! I attended the annual Weinacker’s Montessori University Halloween Parade.  To completely understand the layout you must understand that our University school is in a large cul-de-sac filled with not only WMS University but with local businesses such as dentists, veterinarian offices, and etc.    144 more words


Halloween Sensory Box!

This was our sensory box from last Halloween except revamped a little. I added black rice along with the orange to make it more festive and to make it harder to see the little black spiders. 305 more words


Montessori Afternoon

We had a busy day yesterday! We enjoyed a play date in the afternoon, followed by a nap (I had a whole hour to myself!) and then the girls wanted to do their Montessori activities. 221 more words