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Black People - we love your culture, but we're still racist

I read an article in October of 2014 that really made me think about how the world views people of negro skin. The article stated that “Black people are only good in sports and rap and have not made any scientific contribution to society” 388 more words

It's Been A Year This Month

Starting therapy this coming week. Not sure how to feel about that. This time last year my little girl almost died after being assaulted by her father. 70 more words

air RIN geum (aka Eryngium)

Ever had one of those toe May toe, toe MOT toe problems??
I have…and the above plant is one of them. If you worked out in the garden with me you would often hear me say (randomly) the pronunciation of this, or sometimes other, latin plant names. 171 more words

Flower Bouquets

3 Month Payday Loans

3 Month Payday Loans. Therefore let's suppose you're having difficulty locating one that will meet all of your requirements, although you're around searching for a loan that's right for you personally.

Take Your Chance!

For the past couple of months we have done a quiz on our Facebook page where a clue to a certain type of stone is put up and our followers have an opportunity to guess the stone. 78 more words


The Sky is the Limit and All that Jazz

I am pleased to announce that I’ll be dropping my very first project in about a month or so . Rest assured I’ll have a set date for you well in advance . 39 more words

My Rise To The Top - Chapter 6: November/December - A Slow Start

With the first win of the season in the bag, I felt confident going into the next few games… Maybe too confident. 471 more words