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Envious Awe.

Standing in the highest tower of the SacreCoeur, overlooking most of Montmarte and Paris, I wish I had the privilege of staying somewhere in that mass of houses. 115 more words

Paris x Versailles

It just occurred to me that I haven’t blogged about Paris. ………. whh a tt t

Okay let me recall what happened *nervous sweating*

I am a genius. 1,199 more words


A morning walk through Place du Tertre

Un petit tour. Some of the characters along the way.

A touristy place, not without color or authenticity. Best to visit early, then take the train back down to the metro or continue your walk down to Sacre Coeur for a magnificent view of Paris.

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Paris Wanderings

Day #15: Chesed - Loving kindness

Note: I missed yesterday’s post because of a busy schedule. This kind story is worth waiting for though.

This story is from a co-worker:

When she was 18, she worked regularly at a coffee shop.  235 more words

40 Days Of Good News

Four Nights in Paris!

The City of Lights. Finally! How many stories are told about this city? Time to find out if it really lived up to all the hype. 2,050 more words


Garlic Bread, a poem

Baugettes, Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop, Anchorage.

Garlic Bread

Streamlined torpedo.
Exterior, a hard brittle crust,
but it’s a sham.
At your core,
you are soft and yielding. 117 more words


Yesterday, Ayer, Hier. Montmartre

The sun shone brightly. Off to Montmartre by the metro. It was straightforward and saved my body to climb up and down the hills in this lovely district. 84 more words