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Ozone layer - Need to sustain the Momentum

Ozone Layer 


The layer that shield’s us from ultraviolet rays of the sun is Ozone layer this layer was depleting at greater rate which was found by scientists  Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson in the year 1913. 286 more words

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The Montreal Protocol

What has the United Nations called “the most successful treaty in UN history?” The Montreal Protocol which banned ozone-destroying gases such as CFCs, then commonly found in aerosol cans and air conditioners. 100 more words

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Political Straightjackets

By George Monbiot, The Guardian’s website, 11th September 2014

If the ozone hole had been discovered ten years later, governments are likely to have done nothing. 1,112 more words

What The Government Is Doing

Language surrounding ozone depletion

As a physical scientist who has also studied social aspects of science and technology, language – specifically word choice – is important.  That is why when “ozone hole healing” jumped out from my Twitter feed today, it disappointed me.  187 more words


Ozone Layer is Healing

Good News!

The Earth’s damaged ozone layer is getting better, and is on its way to recovery by mid-century.

A finding by a UN environmental group Wednesday says the ozone is showing its first sign of thickening after years of dangerous depletion. 92 more words


Ozone layer showing signs of recovery

Today, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released a report updating the current situation of the ozone layer. The Montreal Protocol was established in response to findings in the 1980s that the stratospheric ozone layer was becoming depleted, increasing the amount of ultraviolet rays reaching the earth.  184 more words