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Verdun Exterior Condo Balcony Tile Project July 20 2014

Verdun Exterior Condo Balcony Tile Project July 20 2014. I just completed this job today. Always remember, not all tiles are the same. Different grades of tile are used for different purposes. 242 more words



I have been the biggest Selena fan since Wizards Of Waverly Place and i have just been in love with Selena’s personality, talent and her sweet heart. 267 more words


De vacunas y pinchazos

Hay momentos en los que esto de ser mamá más o menos recién estrenada e inmigrante recién llegada a un nuevo país (a veces siento como si fuera un nuevo planeta), se te revuelve como un smoothie. 1,263 more words


$1 Oysters in Montreal - 2014 edition

I love oysters and I cannot lie! So what’s better than slurping on $1 oysters that won’t break my wallet (or my nails when shucking)? 259 more words

Adventure Of The Taste Buds

Fakes scream into primordial punk's blackened chest cavity

Fakes tap into the blackened chest cavity where punk’s heart should be, sustaining the kind of fuzz and fury that I would expect at CBGB’s if I’d been alive in the ’70s. 58 more words


Compost: not just for worms

In nature, nothing is wasted or thrown away.

While there is nothing natural about urban living, composting our organic waste mimics natural processes carried out by insects, worms and micro-organisms to decompose dead plants and return valuable nutrients back to the earth. 773 more words