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My Top Thirty TV Shows (30-21)

In recent years, I’ve found that I have less & less time to devote to watching TV shows. Plus, half the time I start watching a new show, it’s cancelled after one season & I’m pissed off at having wasted my time. 629 more words

"My Top" Lists

The Killing Joke...

Had a great weekend subbing for the Writing Program classes at the iO Chicago while the regular teacher went skipping off to Malaysia (Hi Michael!). 48 more words

Orleans Indie Film Festival

Last night, Leon and I had the privilege of hosting the first ever Orleans Indie Film Festival in our media room.  Guests included Ariane and Nick, Bradyn, Leon and our short film writer/director – … 320 more words



Scotland is voting this year (2014) for their independence. Our anthem during our vacation as well as Scotland’s future national anthem:

We had quite the debate on where to go for spring break. 964 more words


Setmana Santa i processons a 33 revolucions

I mirant i remirant pisos ens ha enganxat la Setmana Santa en una ciutat on, pràcticament, et pots trobar una església a cada cantonada. Sembla que al respecte, Mark Twain digué que a Montreal no es pot tirar una pedra sense trencar una vidriera… Si a tot plegat li sumem la laïcització que va produir la Revolució Tranquil·la dels 60 (ja en parlaré en un altre post), la curiositat sobre el que passaria a la ciutat durant una de les festivitats més religioses (desenganyeu-vos, Nadal fa anys que té més a veure amb el consumisme que amb cap altra cosa), era gran. 768 more words

Someone wake the church

I tried to wake the church

Unnail them from the perch

In front of their TV’s

Dinners on their knees

Tasting rather queer

Getting late they fear



Well the Churchies actually did something good. They somehow persuaded the government to give us a long weekend to eat chocolate.

I’m sure I’m missing a few bits and bobs from that story but after 13 years of attending a Catholic school and being told god is ‘man woman and thing’ (including a chair – yes this legitimately happened), I’ve lost any sort of interest on the matter. 134 more words