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Is Khristmas in Your Dictionary?

In Monty Python’s Bookshop Sketch, a customer comes in looking for various books, including “A Khristman Karol” and “Knickerless Knickleby.” Alas, the peeved Proprietor has never heard of them, at least not with those spellings. 474 more words


Monty Python's Flying Circus - Series One, Episode Thirteen - Intermission

First up is a Restaurant sketch with Cleese and Idle as husband and wife.  Idle is good value as the complaining wife (“Ooh I don’t like this, Ooh I don’t like that. 664 more words


Monty Python's Flying Circus - Series One, Episode Twelve - The Naked Ant

The Naked Ant opens with Idle and Cleese as two office workers who watch as their colleagues jump to their deaths.

Idle: Did you see somebody go past the window?

994 more words

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Series One, Episode Eleven - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes To The Bathroom

So far, we’ve seen a variety of linking devices used throughout the series – this one features a group of undertakers (with Terry Jones as a suitably ghoulish one – “Are you nervy, irritable, depressed, tired of life?  695 more words


Monty Python's Flying Circus - Series One, Episode Ten

There’s more playing with the conventions of television at the start of this one – the first sketch can’t begin until a plumber (Palin), who’s relaxing at home, has traveled to television centre to take part in the sketch.  567 more words


Bell Media streaming service to include Monty Python

Bell Media has announced that Monty Python’s beloved sketch comedy series will be an exclusive part of its new streaming service, Project Latte. Every episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969-74) is to be part of the service when it launches “soon,” according to a news release, as well as all associated documentaries, specials, live performances and sketch highlights, plus “fan-favourite content” to be revealed at a later date. 124 more words

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Press Release: And Now for Something Completely Different: Bell Media Secures Exclusive Rights to Monty Python Collection for “Project Latte”

BOLTON (or IPSWICH) (November 10, 2014) – As John Cleese’s new memoir Say, Anything hits bookstores and a new recording of this summer’s Monty Python Live concerts is released, Bell Media announced today its new video streaming service is the exclusive home to the world’s most influential absurdist comedy troupe of all time, Monty Python. 167 more words