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Rumblings of Civil War---the Old Courthouse


At 11 N 4th Street, not far from the Gateway Arch. The cake is on the sidewalk facing the Gateway Arch. 239 more words

St Louis

Avem bilanțurile financiare! Află cât a costat restaurarea Fântânii Cadânei

Pe final de an, după o ultimă vizită la Lipnic, pe 29 noiembrie, când a mai fost instalat un indicator în preajma monumentului istoric Fântâna Cadânei, grupul de inițiativă care a coordonat întregul proces a pregătit bilanțurile financiare ale proiectului. 668 more words


Letters: Ottawa memorial to victims of communism

We must commemorate victims of communism

Re: Jury member goes public with criticism of victims of communism memorial site, Dec. 15.

As a grandson of a Polish officer murdered along with 10,000 other officers in March, 1940, at the Katyn Forest Massacre by the Soviet NKVD Secret Police on orders from Stalin, I am saddened to read that architects would criticize the location of the proposed National Memorial to Victims of Communism by suggesting that it is not what Canada is “all about.” 644 more words


Multiples languages at the Wall for Peace

Here you can see just some of the glass panels of the Wall for Peace, with multiple languages being seen – Chinese, Urdu and Polish just being some with the word “Peace” written in them. 15 more words