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Now you can see depictions of the Column of Trajan closely.


Pink Dolphin Monument: Historic Unveiling July 25th

Joe Joe Orangias (MFA ’13) has been making residencies a full-time career. From his post-graduation appointment as Visual Arts Fellow at Hochschule für bildende Künste… 58 more words

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Arc de Triomphe A Monument In Paris

A monument is a type of buildings made to honor a person or place or event, these buildings has significant values to its people who are in the social group of the area, these monuments has cultural values can be example of a historical architecture. 16 more words

Day 17: destination--San Nicolás del Real Camino, 32.6km

Passed the half way point today: 381.5km to Santiago! Washed everything in a machine and it was heavenly. I feel so clean.

All that’s left of an ancient church welcomed me into Carrion de los Condes yesterday afternoon. 61 more words


Panda Attack X National Concert Hall

And this is what happens when two of the pictures before collide into one.



During this period on Sundays there are few people around.


Indianapolis History with Ray Brown: Camp Robinson

On this edition of Indianapolis History with Ray Brown we explore Camp Robinson. Nestled on the west side of Indy, Camp Robinson was a Civil War era training camp founded by famed General, Lew Wallace. 23 more words