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I, The Destroyer Play through

Here the man John Browne doing a play through from the epic new CD by Monuments. I can’t stop listening to this CD, it’s awesome. Congrats to him for the new endorsement from Mayones guitars, I own one and they are special ;)


Bomber Command Memorial

The Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park London.


Russia: Please Stop Defacing Soviet Monuments

Recent events in Ukraine have caused many people in former Soviet states to have increased anxiety over the dreaded perception that Russia may attempt to reassert control.   428 more words

Information Operations

10 of London’s World War I memorials – 2. Borough High Street War Memorial...

Recently restored ahead of the World War I centenary, the St Saviour’s parish war memorial in Southwark was  designed by Captain Philip Lindsey Clark, awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his service during the war. 130 more words

Twentieth Century

This Town

This town.

With its political satire, political thrillers, and partisan politics.

With its millennials changing the landscape, interns chasing the dream, and sometimes cynical “old timers” who’ve seen it all. 195 more words

Washington DC

The Chocolate Factor


You can’t get away from the chocolate, when talking about Laura Secord. The first advertisements of the Toronto-based chocolate company were based off the heroine’s 1910 monument. 53 more words


Black and White - Cees fun foto challenge

Dropping the colour from this image of the ruined Tintern Abbey, in Wales, created a sense of drama and added the gravitas that I had felt on my visit. 11 more words