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Why most MOOCs are boring for nearly everybody involved.

“White-collar professionals, too, are subject to routinization and degradation, proceeding by the same logic that hit manual fabrication a hundred years ago: the cognitive elements of the job are appropriated from professionals, instantiated in a system or process, and then handed back to a new class of workers–clerks–who replace the professionals.”

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Jonathon Rees at More or Less Bunk has an article on why most MOOCs are boring. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses and they are currently all the rage. All around the country, universities are adding MOOCs and incorporating MOOCs in traditional classroom settings. Despite the strong push to create MOOCs, there is not a lot of evidence suggesting that they are particularly effective. Rees points out that MOOCs typically retain only about 10% of their students.  Additionally, when students have MOOC elements added to their traditional classes they are also generally less satisfied. Rees argues that MOOCs are probably only useful for people who are already interested in the course material. The key problem with MOOCs is that students watch them on their computers or mobile devices which are tools of mass distraction. Right now, I have two monitors and four separate programs open on my computer. If I found a MOOC boring, I would probably check my email, surf the web, update my Facebook status, turn on a game or make a sandwich. I am still not sold on the idea that MOOCs are particularly effective.

Mythgard Institute's Fall 2014 course, Lewis & Tolkien, by Professor Corey Olsen

I’m just wondering if I can take this.


Mythgard Institute’s one of Fall 2014 course, Lewis & Tolkien, taught by Professor Corey Olsen. How tempting. 44 more words

Are we one the same page?

We usually assume that we all share the same reality. That is, if two persons are on the same place and are looking in the same direction, they will see and listen to the same thing. 103 more words


Al-Jazeera: Is the developing world MOOC'd out?

Hannah Gais offers insights on the shortcomings of MOOCs from the developing world’s perspective.  Chief among them, (1) lack of accessibility and (2) their anti-democratic nature. 208 more words

Need-to-Know News: #MassiveTeaching Mess, University of Texas at Austin MOOCs for Credit & Pearson's SOOCs

This ‘Need-to-Know’ blog post series features noteworthy stories that speak of need-to-know developments within higher education that have the potential to influence, challenge and/or transform traditional education as we know it. 927 more words

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Dough, an investment training startup, takes a fresh $25M to the bank

Dough, a startup that provides educational content on personal investing, just got some new money of its own to play around with.

Of course, Dough already knows what it wants to do with the money. 137 more words


The MOOC Is Dead! Long Live Open Learning! » DIY U

Find below some highlights from and comments on a blog post entitled “The MOOC is Dead!  Long Live Open Learning” from one of my favorite higher ed hackers - Anya Kamenetz (go Anya!) 439 more words