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#DevLearn: Lisa Minogue: What organizations can learn from the MOOC experience

She presented lessons learned from MOOCs that can be applied to corporate learning. One of the most interesting ideas is to reuse MOOCS content and wrap your corporate context around them. Here are my notes:


Digital Communication Technology and Education

MOOCS: Massive Open Online Courses

The increasingly popular trend of MOOCS is a challenge to the traditional forms of learning. It now doesn’t matter where in the world you are located, or if you have the money for tuition, you can enroll in quality courses of interest anyways. 149 more words

Can I get the Reader’s Digest version?

I enroll in two or three MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) per month. I’m a learner, what can I say! …and, hey, they’re free! I often will join a course just to assess the platform (the format, the technology)… Predictably, I fall short of finishing the majority of these courses. 483 more words


Who gets my things after I've taken my life?

From E-Learning V

Fig.1. FutureLearn Start Writing Fiction

As a Master of Arts: Open and Distance Education I will give all kinds of things a go. 399 more words


Mythgard Academy Fundraising Campaign 2014, only 10 days left! Tolkien fans! SciFi and Fantasy fans!

Fantasy and Science Fiction fans, Tolkien fans and Inkling fans!

Only ten days left to support Mythgard Academy fundraising campaign 2014. Support free online courses on books from SciFi and Fantasy genre. 65 more words

College in 2114

People don’t change, but the technology around them does, with that in mind I imagine the college experience 100 years from now, will be similar to college today. 607 more words