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Lady Faces

You want a crash course on how to tell a lady’s emotions?

Goooooood luck.  We don’t even understand women a lot of the time, and we’re women.  353 more words

How one pointless thing led to another...

I saw a noticeboard that had a notice on it which said:

“No notices to be put on this noticeboard”.

This raised some important metaphysical questions for me – but I’ll spare you those in case you want to get to sleep tonight. 241 more words

Ghostly Discovery: Ruh Halim "Kırmızı"

Yine benim çok geç varlığını fark ettiğim ve oldukça hoşuma giden bir web site: Ghostly Discovery.

Renk spektrum üzerinden kendi ruh halinizi ve tempoyu belirleyerek baya kaliteli çalma listelerine erişebiliyorsunuz. 6 more words

Dijital İşler

The Question Song

Am I alone in thinking these things?
My imagination stirred not shaken
Is it just a feature of disintegration?
Do I run and hide or simply wait… 87 more words


Diary Entry (27-July-2014)

Hey!!! How was your week?

Mine was hard so I’m hoping you had it better.

My week was hard for the ff reasons:

1. Work was doubled for me because someone resigned and unfortunately for me, I get to catch all the work she left. 113 more words


Men Behind

While searching 2002 in fashion, I found the first runway collection by Rick Owens. The mood of Owens’ presentation was somber—a dark, raw space and a sound track of Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop—but the clothes were gently sexy and even cozy. 105 more words