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Yoga Dog- yoga for kids (and their families)!

I was not a cheerleader in high school. But I am a cheerleader now.  Not in the sense of waving pom-poms and chanting rhymes at a sports event.  347 more words


Little Route 57

Not many people know where Little Route 57 ends. The old-timers might have some memory from their childhood but have since forgotten how mean it can get. 195 more words


So you wanna set the mood, baby?

Working at home = distractions. ‘S just a fact. Laundry or housekeeping if you’re feeling virtuous. Junk food and daytime TV if you’re not. And if you don’t live alone? 562 more words

All junk food should be ban from my life!

Trying to lose weight before the festive period. Started off good but now the weight is slowly coming back.

I did a modified workout routine I was sweating loads had my shakes for breakfast lunch and now just ate a lasagna and chocolate! 20 more words

Morning Mood Improved By Getting Wet...

If anyone is still in doubt that music has uplifting powers then please read… 159 more words