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Jeg har opprettet denne bloggen nå, men vil offisielt starte å blogge regelmessig fra og med 25. september. Derfor vil jeg introdusere dere til min tumblr blogg, som jeg bruker som mitt personlige mood board: … 73 more words


Denim days

All inspired by the patched jeans trend that shows up everywhere, I chose to create a denim mood board today, to share with you.

On my… 63 more words

Color Inspiration

Sunday moodboard

Source: Pinterest and Tumblr

It’s so warm here! But I’m having a great time! But on the other hand I’m happy when I can sleep in my own bed, have my own kitchen and bathroom and a closet again! 91 more words


The Singular Objects of Architecture : Jean Baudrillard - Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel says, “ We can try to look for a way to improve the place, every time, bearing in mind the things which we evaluated before, which are often ruled by chance, and invent strategies, interpretations, poetics of situations and evaluate completely random elements and arrange a geography: “It is beautiful and I am going to reveal it to you…” It is an aesthetic of relevation, a way of taking a part of the world and saying: “I am going to take it and make you see it another way” […] … 201 more words


Mood Boards

Sorry for the silence everyone! This term has been SO busy! BUUUUUUT that means that i’ve got MORE stuff to show you, AND IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE! 62 more words