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Addiction or just fiction?

I’ve never really understood why we do this to ourself?

How we came up with it?
Who started it?
Why did I ever do it? 216 more words

Normal but also bipolar!

I’ve always been the ugly one even I considered myself as the ugly one.
It’s a horrible feeling to walk around thinking so low of yourself, thinking that you will never be worth it. 295 more words

Song lyrics for how i feel today;

Three Days Grace

“The Animal I Have Become”

“I can’t escape this hell
So many times i’ve tried
But i’m still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare… 76 more words

Borderline Life

Chronicling a Bad Night (AND IT ENDS WELL??)

So it’s four in the morning and I’m having one of those fun and exciting paralyzed-by-a-feeling-of-imminent-doom feelings that I want to laugh about and then go “oh it’ll be funny if tomorrow something awful happens and I was right all along but I don’t really mean that please universe don’t let life as we know it come crashing down because then I’ll be totally sure it’s all my fault and I’ll never think a bad thought again I swear it I’ll just numb my brain with some sort of substance and move forward that way.” 1,167 more words