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Not in the mood to write

Or anything.
No… I’m tired of explaining over and over again why I took this diet. Anyway so what if I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle? 180 more words

Daily Life


The sun has been hiding for a few days now and I am depressed. Commence music therapy. #seasonalaffectivedisorder #moodswings #therapy

IG Photos


Lately, I’ve been feelingĀ 

A lot more than I’ve been feeling in the past 3 years.

I’ve been crying over Iraqi soldiers being tortured in American jails… 207 more words


Tomorrow is my first consultation with the Invitro specialist. I’m so nervous, I’m sick to my stomach. Everyone is telling me that it’s going to be ok and that I’ll soon be pregnant and fine. 213 more words


Mood swings or bi polar or it's normal lol

Lol random topic you guys :)
Well then again all my topics are random!

Everyone I mean everyone has their mood swings, no matter if you’re a girl or a guy! 153 more words

The Unwanted Gift

Some nights are lonely
And some are filled with laughter
It’s the ones where I weep for no reason,
That turn me to a thousand hurtful thoughts… 9 more words

PART ELEVEN- choices, moods and lies

Choices. You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice. The choice is up to you to choose wisely. 994 more words