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Moodswings and bitter things

I am supposed to be changing my meds soon but I am afraid. I don’t want to go through the horrible side-effects again. I don’t want to gain weight or lose hair or go numb or have muscle spasms and involuntary twitches.. 146 more words

I want to say thank you..

I have always been thankful for those people who have stuck by me especially when I have given them a million reasons to turn their back on me. 339 more words

Round and Round the Garden

One little pill. I forgot one pill in my whole weekly regime a few days ago and it’s put me back on my ass, just when I was starting to get back on track. 207 more words


Moaning Mary

I just don’t want to hear any more bad news from breast cancer camp. I can’t take it. I’m sticking my fingers in my ears from now on. 134 more words


Mood Swings

I feel tired. I feel happy. I feel scared. I think, I lied.

What puts you in a bad mood? What makes you dislike someone in an instant? 194 more words

Husband Hatred

It burns with the heat of a thousand suns.  It makes you suddenly relate to people who murder other people.  It makes you say things, horrible things, and you’re thinking worse things still!   81 more words


Run alone || run in a crew

I knew that probably. I knew that from the beginning. I am a social person, l cannot just run alone til the end of times. But running alone is fun, it’s me time, it is the reason why l started running. 200 more words