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We Shall Part No More

We’re sitting in the space outside the coffee shop.


It’s become my space now.

Study notes, Bibles lay strewn around us, and my computer’s propped on my raised knees. 298 more words


Brittany Rude of Galena Selected for Peace Corps Education Assignment in Kosovo

Peace Corps Volunteer Profile:

Name: Brittany Rude

Age: 23

Current City: Galena, Ala.

Alma Mater: Moody Bible Institute, Biblical Languages and Applied Linguistics, 2013… 405 more words


First Day as a Missionary Dad

My computer tells me that it’s 3:23am as I start typing this post. Sure, I’ve become a morning person as I’ve gotten older, but this is extreme. 558 more words

Goodbye Journal

I just keep coming back to journaling as important for you. She says it almost apologetically, the tone earnest in its simple suggestion.

I nod then, my eyes sliding away from her, landing on the window to my right, set high in the exterior wall. 347 more words

Moody Bible Institute

She Won't


I hear her trill before I see her, and I catch her eye, mirror her wide grin, as she hurries toward our front row chapel seats. 407 more words


For Every Year

For every year that I’ve left these white dorm halls for a Thanksgiving weekend away, I’ve come back in Sunday night, and I’ve written for you. 297 more words

Moody Bible Institute

Joining Moody

It is with gratefulness to God our Savior that I am joining the Bible faculty at Moody Bible Institute! Pam and I are excited about the opportunity to move to Chicago and serve the students and extended friends of MBI. 530 more words

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