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you have heard it was said...but I say to you.

You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.”

But I say to you, LOVE your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

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so this is what it feels like....to have asthma.

At first, everything’s okay. Everything’s great. It’s a normal day. The regular people. They’re swimming, back and forth. And I’m there watching them. Arms resting on the rescue tube, watching them. 554 more words

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should christian parents send their children to public schools?

Disclaimer: First of all, just because I’m a homeschool graduate and not a parent doesn’t necessarily mean that I haven’t picked up a thing or two on putting schooling in perspective. 782 more words

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Father’s Day – June 15th, 2014

G. K. Chesterton once said:

 “We are to regard existence as a raid or great adventure; it is to be judged, therefore, not by what calamities it encounters, but by what flag it follows and what high town it assaults. 1,029 more words


Where I've Been, Where I am, and Where I'm Going

So I have been absent from this blog for quite some time and truth be told I am a little ashamed of that. I planned on making this blog something I did on a weekly basis and I did for a time but then life got in my way and I got distracted with school and other things. 731 more words


"but, God..." - a moses moment this week.

Yesterday, I walked passed a homeless man.

I mean, I live in Chicago. People pass so many of them in the city without a second thought. 421 more words

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