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Eight Months Here Again

For six days a week, between now and December 12th, you will read the devotional that I have posted online, and then write a brief comment responding to the accompanying reflection questions. 371 more words


Why College Hates Me

“You should write a book: The Girl that College Hated” 

This was a conversation my mom and I had the other day.  Four years ago, when I had first graduated high school and applied to a college and was accepted and was given a substantial scholarship, life seemed to be moving in the right direction.   554 more words


All the Wrong Things

We’re almost thirty strong, there in that windowless classroom. Next to me stands our leader, his yellow polo shirt unbuttoned at the neck, the hem tucked neatly into his slacks. 1,222 more words


No Comparing

There’s no comparing, of course, 

because last year, and the two before that, were different.

Different voices ringing up and down the hall, 

different RA setting up meetings, planning events. 89 more words

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One More Time

One more time to load the car, heavy, piled high with months’ worth of possessions. 

One more time to push through the thick wooden door, into the little white-walled dorm room. 196 more words

Moody Bible Institute

given vision.

I hate how easily I miss the things right in front of me. Not just literally speaking – though goodness knows that happens too; I hate wearing glasses – but figuratively as well. 720 more words

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It's Hard to say Goodbye.

Merhaba. Ni hao. Sain uu. Noroc. Hola. Hello.

These past couple of months I have learned to say hello to people from all around the world. 538 more words