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So what is it with waking up in a bad mood?  the need to get straight back into bed even though a fabulous 8 hours have been had… 441 more words


Book Review: Kristy Moody's "Moody"

 My life story is now out on display!

After years of being incognito, I finally released a tell-all about my growing up years, adolescence and the present day. 116 more words


Guess Who's Back?!

Its been almost 2 and a half years (if I’m not mistaken) when Cheeky moved to Dubai and settled there where she continued her career. Things havent been very nice since then, cuz she would be visiting once every 3 months for 3-5 days and we barely get to see her. 54 more words


Expectations. Have a great Monday.

So what did I do for the rest of the weekend? I stayed at home and tried as much as possible to recover from flu. I spent most of the time watching True Detective and struggling to finish reading a novel. 349 more words


Retail, I'm Still Suffering!

Yesterday really just took the biscuit for me, I put in a really solid 8 hours of work. Constantly repeating myself to a variety of customers, dealing with their problems and taking their frustrations on the chin. 796 more words