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How to take a Full moon picture that will make you howl ;)

When I saw todays daily prompt, “Howl at the Moon” I though of sharing another easy photography tip. I love the freedom to interpret the prompts the way you want it! 417 more words


A World Away (Haiku)

a world away –
the moon blushes  
from the sun’s fire  

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: Fire

The streetlight and moon – separated by “bars” – reminded me of an old tale in which the moon falls in love with the sun.   51 more words

Under the Stars (Tanka)

at the drive-in –  
I cannot watch the movie
under the stars
outperforming the actors –
the plot is nothing to me

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Monday night Moon-shot

With another full moon, I managed to catch it on the rise.

I rattled a few shots of when I arrived home as the moon was rising through the trees. 15 more words


Shots from a Sunny Spring Sunday Afternoon

I spent a nice day catching up with family, celebrating Fathers’ Day and my nephew’s 1st birthday.

The sun was setting, and lighting the palm tree next door as if it was on fire with a vibrant yellow among the green, and the (almost) full moon rising in the bakground… 69 more words