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Neither Dust Nor Sky (Tanka)

neither dust nor sky – 
she rises from the cold depths 
with arms thrown wide: 
and our hands will never meet – 
lost in waves – in clouds – in dreams – 237 more words

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


Shooting the Moon

What is it about the moon that seems to inspire us?

Just past the first quarter!

It is such a wonderfully clear sky this evening, and having a quiet Saturday night in – perfect for getting a shot of the moon. 37 more words

Night Photography

How to take a Full moon picture that will make you howl ;)

When I saw todays daily prompt, “Howl at the Moon” I though of sharing another easy photography tip. I love the freedom to interpret the prompts the way you want it! 417 more words


A World Away (Haiku)

a world away –
the moon blushes  
from the sun’s fire  

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: Fire

The streetlight and moon – separated by “bars” – reminded me of an old tale in which the moon falls in love with the sun.   51 more words

Under the Stars (Tanka)

at the drive-in –  
I cannot watch the movie
under the stars
outperforming the actors –
the plot is nothing to me

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