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Chitauri Zulu

“African Zulu legends tell of an extra-terrestrial race called the Chitauri who hollowed out a moon and brought it to Earth to use as a hub to oversee the control of the human race. 265 more words

Don't you cry (Song in A Minor)

Don’t you cry, it’s gonna be well with you.

I swear by the gods,

Tomorrow will be alright,

It may not look it now,

I swear by the gods that it’s gonna be well. 115 more words


The Oracle Report, Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Libra

Skill: look and listen for messages

Negative Imprint: isolation, refusing help, resisting change, rationalizing, judgmental, doubtful, thinking one knows it all… 901 more words


Quartz Moon

A clear Quartz globe, against the backdrop of an evening window. With it’s translucent surface the effect reminds me of the moon! 91 more words


"Take A Bite"

This week’s penny auction is now live!
Starting something new this week and this is the first one :) “Portraits” will be a new series where homes will be featured in character though out the year. 90 more words


Volcanoes on the Moon?

By: Katie Wooten

New evidence from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, shows that lunar lava was on the moon about 100 million years ago. 188 more words


Changing Tides- Sailor Moon Crystal 7 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7- Mamoru Chiba- Tuxedo Mask

Takeuchi has fused tragic back stories, mysterious calls to action, betrayal and love into the pleasing piece that is SMC Act 7. 446 more words