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Journal. 15 Apr 2014


It is summertime and yet greyish clouds often cover the entire sky.  So fortunate to see the moon tonight.  As I hurry home and get my camera.


Blood Moon

Not a DIY how to but I’m excited that I got to enjoy the “blood moon” aka lunar eclipse.

Did you enjoy the blood moon? … 7 more words


Lunar Eclipse Palindrome

Processing the shots from the eclipse got me thinking about palindromes, a favorite subject!

This week every day is a palindrome! (4-14-14), (4-15-14_ etc. The Lunar Eclipse was a palindrome, ending as it started, with the lovely orange red earth shadow in the heart of the palindrome as the shadow slowly moved across the surface both coming and going. 440 more words


Who needs style anyway?

Since the sad demise of P45Wife’s career nearly two years ago, P45Wife has grabbed every opportunity that’s come her way, with varying degrees of success. 268 more words


I think I just learned to love my camera

Did anyone see the eclipse Monday night? Apparently it was brilliant. I’m sorry to say that I missed it because I really enjoy our moon. I had this grand idea that I could score a few fine photos of the early morning event but that all fell short when my battery died around midnight. 295 more words

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