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A Luminous Smile

In the early hours
When the sky could be thought of as evening
A Cheshire smile hung

Self Expression

the turtle and the moon / merge... / Sumida River - Haiku by Kobayashi Issa

the turtle and the moon


Sumida River

- Haiku by Kobayashi Issa (tr. David G. Lanoue), haiku-comic by Old Pond Comics


Nostalgia de la Luz

Industrial Media – Task Four:

Watching the specified scene of Nostalgia for the Light by Patriccia Guzmann (2010), I noticed how well-executed the camera movements are. 506 more words


Those Secretly in Love

Curious spell I’m under

like the one I’m in

outside a doorless bar

in the busy midnight heat

lusting for supermoon strength

brushing off the no-look requests… 716 more words


I am still trying to smile !!!

You taught me to feel,

You taught me to cry,

You directed my life,

And you changed my life,

You came, you conquered, and you smiled, 60 more words


Sonnet III: Dark Lady

O Mistress of the Light, why burn thine eyes
So bright? What mystery dost thou reveal;
What stranger thee, thine eye to me conceal
Within thy night, thine opalescent skies? 97 more words