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The Chapter Two Curse - An In-Depth Look at Revision

Ever since I got back from AWP, I’ve been working on revising my memoir manuscript, Moonchild.

It’s been a real challenge.

But as challenges go, it was relatively okay for the first chapter. 1,447 more words


Miss You, Love

Our talk turns to crushes. “I just miss that feeling, you know?” I say. “Like when you’re just so alive that even when it hurts you’re just glad you can feel. 160 more words


Im a satanist, moonchild, hippie pagan

Yes I am all of these. Satanism is about self indulgance (human nature), I am a hippie because I wish for peace and harmony, I am a pagan because the only thing that makes sence to worship is the universe itself and I am a moonchild for the same reasons as my hippie views.

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‘There was a reason she was so romantic about the moon.
It never asked her questions or begged for the answers, nor did she ever have to prove herself to it. 19 more words



So exciting things tonight for all of the other Moon Children out there!  So tonight’s light show is actually a “Pink Moon” which will have a reddish orange hue which also gives it the name “Blood Moon”.  284 more words

Starting Your Meditation Practice

Within the past few months, I’ve begun taking meditation much more seriously and I have reaped amazing benefits that I’m literally dying to share with anyone interested!

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All of Our Rubbish Dreams

Some moments are crystallized in memory, even if they are ordinary.

I remember one early evening in the springtime of ninth grade, I was sitting on the arm of the couch, which Mom hated, and wearing my Hole t-shirt with the heart logo, probably the band I loved that Mom hated most, and she stood by the stove getting ready for dinner. 624 more words