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Moonchild Custom Leather Bag

She loves to see the sun set and the moon rise. Some of her favorite moments are those spent walking in the woods when the trees become black silhouettes and the stars are sparkling bright above. 15 more words


Becoming a Moonchild

I remember the moon from before I knew who I was becoming
Waning slivers of hope
Hiding the worst of me in shadows
And waxing halos of forgiveness… 116 more words

60. Moonchild

So this listening was hipped to me by my pal Walter.

Additionally, I think I may have hipped one of the top jazz pianists in town to them last night. 91 more words


Chasing the Moon

- I chased the moon last night.

- What does that mean ?

- I don’t know, I left your house and walked toward home. I found myself running down a street I hadn’t been on before.  92 more words


On Writing

This blog post is a part of a blog tour to which I was invited by Caroline Gerardo of  www.thelmadams.com.

Question #1:  What am I working on now? 611 more words


finding me

Today’s shoot was inspired by the new moon that took place this past Friday. The new moon is the perfect opportunity to clear out, and set new intentions and manifestations for your life. 598 more words