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Reviews of the Past: 'Moonrise Kingdom'

The next set of reviews we’ll be publishing are some of the ones Roger Thomas has done exclusively for The Stanly News & Press. Roger has written movie reviews for The Stanly News & Press and other outlets for years, long before starting this blog. 661 more words

Movie Review

The 4 Best Movie Soundtracks (According to Me)

Two weeks ago, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the movie’s soundtrack, … 734 more words


Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Review

Throwback Thursday‘ (or #tbt) is an acronym exhausted by twitterites and instagram junkies. As someone unfamiliar with the aforementioned platforms, I am trying to ‘reconnect’ with internet trends with a hip rating of David Brent/out -of-10. 262 more words


Movies I like: Moonrise Kingdom

I have never been able to sit down and stare at a screen for ages without getting super bored, but this doesn’t mean I dislike movies, but I can only watch them during manic sewing sessions, and through really dull homework. 416 more words

That’s Sam & Suzy. They’re Way Existential …

During my clueless collegiate years, the thought of enrolling into Philosophy was in the same “dead end” bucket as running in really fast circles or hiding-out in the proverbial closet. 222 more words

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News: Wes Anderson to return to Animation

Wes Anderson is coming off the most successful film of his career with The Grand Budapest Hotel,” one that we are hoping will hold out for at least a Best Original Screenplay Oscar, but now we can now look forward to a new and ambitious stop animation project from the director. 174 more words