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Winforms DataRepeater Controls Count changes on Winform Resize

I am using a winforms datarepeater control.

I have the code

 // Iterate 13 times... as there are 13 records
foreach (var item in rpt.Controls)
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Managing MultipleToolStrip on winforms without fluctuations

I have multipletoolstrips on my winforms control.

I am showing only one at a time.

But when i change there is a fluctuation which makes the panel goes up and then down making it look very unpleasant. 37 more words

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Meetings 9

Note: As of next week, we’ll be into a new adventure. We’ll be changing to a schedule of posts twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, so the next will be on Dec 23rd . 1,153 more words


December 18 - Epimetheus

Saturn’s moon Epimetheus, discovered today in 1966 by Richard Walker, is a non-identical twin.  It, and its larger brother, Janus, which had been discovered three days previously by Audouin Dollfus, fly round Saturn in almost identical orbits (their mean orbital radii differ by a mere 50km or so).   377 more words

Going On Up There Then

Meetings 8

Being able to hike all day, without tiring or needing a drink or a break, was certainly new and interesting; with the much-lightened packs as well, they travelled a long way by full dark. 1,669 more words


Meetings 7 pt2

(chapter continued from previous post)

Kaveri was curled up beside him, half-wrapped in a blanket. Tyrel laid a hand on her shoulder and said her name, then gave her a gentle shake. 2,652 more words