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If Theres Moore, Then I'm Donne

John Donne is my spiritual inspiration. His words are no less beautiful than a sunset over the Grand Canyon, and they portray Christ in a way most cannot do with even their whole life.  186 more words


Welcome to My World: A Brief Introduction

Writing is something I’ve always found cathartic. I’ve spent my life  with pen in paper in hand, journaling and writing lyrics every time something significant occurs. 664 more words


Baby Shower

Our baby shower was a huge success! We received a ton of useful gifts & really enjoyed spending time with all it our friends & family! 11 more words


20 juli

gårDagens kvinna: Sultana Válide nür Banü (?-1583)

Änka till Selim the Sot. Hon tillbringade sina sista år med att locka bort sin son, den ottomanske kejsaren Murad III, från hans favorithustru, den mäktige venetianskan Safieh Baffo, genom att förse honom med nya vällustiga konkubiner varje fredag. 172 more words


Finding My Voices (or Schizophrenia)‏

Perspective for me starts with character. The central part of the story’s structure must be reliant upon the soundest point of view. Are you wanting something up close and personal, something distant and cold, or perhaps something more fluid and interpersonal? 353 more words

Fourth Ultrasound: 3D & Video

We almost didn’t even bother with the idea of a 3D ultrasound until Aunt Missy, yet again, came to the rescue & told us about an inexpensive & relatively local office that performed them! 59 more words


Prediction Photo

Let’s just be real about it; we were both super adorable children! We think the odds of Sawyer stealing all of the toddlers hearts are pretty darn good with a mixture of these genes!