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How Do You Define Sin?

Rosh Hashanah focuses on it. Yom Kippur focuses on it… what is it? SIN

How do you define sin?

To define sin there has to be a standard against which we measure our own behavior. 177 more words

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Hermeneutics and Old-New Testament Revelation

In my recent studies — different aspects of covenant theology, NCT, the law and types of antinomianism — I have noted one interesting aspect of hermeneutics and continuity/discontinuity between the Old and New Testament, a common element in two unrelated teachings that challenge the clarity and sufficiency of the Old Testament for OT saints: 1) full “replacement theology” and amillennialism with the NT revelation changing the meaning of the Old Testament land and literal kingdom promises; and 2) “doctrinal antinomianism” that teaches that Christ gave new law in the Sermon on the Mount, law that was unknown to Old Testament saints and that “expanded” the original meaning beyond a supposed “legalistic and ceremonial-only understanding”. 937 more words


Terms and Distinctions: Reformed/Covenant Theology, NCT, and Covenantal Premillennialism

Among some Christian circles today, especially Calvinists and dispensationalists, a more superficial understanding of theology persists, and the tendency to think that:

  • anyone who is not “dispensational” adheres to covenant theology…
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Mark D. Linville: does Darwinian evolution make morality rational?

Have you ever heard an atheist tell you that naturalistic evolution is an answer to the moral argument? I have. And I found a good reply to this challenge in the book “ 1,198 more words


Following the Universal Moral Law

Recently, I began reading the book “Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis. And the first chapter has intrigued me. Basically, the first chapter talks about being true to the universal Moral Law of Right and Wrong, or being more in tune with the Laws of Human Nature. 538 more words

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The Ten Commandments

    The bible shows us three different forms of Law. They are moral, ceremonial and civil. Today we will look at the Ten Commandments or the Moral Law. 1,325 more words

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Ten Commandments Are Indications For Freedom

 “The Ten Commandments are not a limitation, but an indication for freedom.”  “The Ten Commandments,” the pontiff affirmed, “are a gift from God. The word ‘commandment’ isn’t fashionable. 371 more words

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