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Religious Retardation in Psychiatry: The Dissociative Identity Disorder Fraud

Given that the United States is 70 % Christian, it is no surprise that quacks in the medical profession make a solid living here in the United States off of falsely accusing innocent people seeking help. 345 more words

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Texting during class: another moral panic?

Multitasking is something that’s been heavily debated for many years.

Who can do it?

Who shouldn’t do it?

When is it inappropriate?

While multitasking is a part of everyday life, it is increasingly coming under fire for interfering with peoples’ lives. 363 more words


Manga is Finally as Subversive as Rap

News of a teen who tried to burn down her house while her mother and nine-year old brother slept came out of Florida this week. Although various sources disagree on what exactly the police discovered about the girl when they took her into custody, the story generally agrees that the teen decided to set her house on fire. 738 more words

Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Moral Panic!

Security. Give me some security! 

There is something about the God concept that is relentless. Unfeeling. Brutal. Hidden from plain sight yet manifest as systems, desires, entertainment, war, money. 241 more words