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Unaffected by cause and effect?

Computer games train killers? Porn leads to sex assaults? You could be forgiven for thinking that we’re all mere ciphers, operating under the influence of whatever the media throw at us: sex, violence and wayward political views (I’ll leave it to you to decide which of those is worse), courtesy of films, TV, video nasties, computer games, music, and so on. 1,055 more words


'Leave me alone!' the struggle to walk on streets and live a normal life without absurdities being shouted at you.

The absurd normality of men shouting crude, rude and aggressive things at women and nothing being done about it regardless of how dis respectful, inappropriate and unwelcome it may be. 465 more words

Back to the future? Red scare alarmism shakes the Murdoch empire over G20 shirtfront

What a strange bunch of headlines today on Murdoch’s Australian tabloid newspapers.

It’s almost as if the last 25 years never happened. In the week that the world is celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall — the most potent symbol of the end of the Cold War — Murdoch’s crazy liquid modern tabloid editors have raised the spectre of a ‘Red Scare’. 970 more words

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The Outbreak Narrative: What has changed this time around?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Points is delighted to welcome past guest contributor, Jessica Diller Kovler (check out her previous post here). Kovler is part of the History of Science program at Harvard University and currently teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the City University of New York. 1,498 more words

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Picture Framing

Trigger warning: Frank discussion of weight stigma and healthism.

Hi everyone! I’m knee deep in grad school papers write now (typo and it stays), so I’m going to leave you with a slightly annotated excerpt from one I wrote a while ago that addresses framing in our movement, juxtaposed with some similar experiences faced by those in gay rights activist communities. 929 more words


THINK! seminar hosted on the topic of pornography

Last Wednesday, the THINK! debate on pornography took place amid protest and dissent. The THINK! seminars and debates are held by faculty member Dr Jeffrey Howard every few weeks on  thought-provoking and controversial topics. 539 more words

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Scandal! Panic!! Naked Hippies!!! Taxpayer Dollars!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

About five weeks ago, the Vermont Historical Society announced a bit of good news: it won a $117,521 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to conduct research and create exhibits and programs about Vermont’s countercultural movement of the 1970s. 468 more words

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