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Rise of the Christian left: Why the religious right’s moment may be ending | Salon

It’s hard to tell if the near-constant stream of millennial-centric political think-pieces are perpetuating or reflecting growing curmudgeonly fears about the future of the country. Maybe it’s a little of both, and Fox is probably observing within its competency when it pegs more than a handful of us as “deluded narcissists” –  but it appears there’s room for some political optimism among all the moral panic and the reign of the religious right. 132 more words

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Presenting Terada Shin: The Life History of a Female Drug User in Prewar Japan

Editor’s Note: Today, Points features a guest post by Miriam Kingsberg, an assistant professor of history at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of… 1,012 more words

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Khat: History, Chemistry and Moral Panic

As of today, khat is now banned as a class C drug in the United Kingdom . . . and I’ll spare you the “I prefer dogs” jokes, they’re all pretty lame. 1,745 more words

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Is This The Train To Desert Bus?

This is part two in our ongoing coverage of meaningless content. -Ed

Do you like Penn & Teller? Did you know they once made a video game? 773 more words


Book Review: Reefer Madness by Larry Sloman

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Like so many books I’ve read, this is another book that has all the right words in all the wrong places. My passions (namely, my political passions) are far-ranging: I like everything from stories of resistance in the Third World, marijuana legalization to socialism and environmental responsibility; I get excited when I get to read about these things. 2,031 more words

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Apologies: An open letter to all immigrants and other minority groups in Britain

I am writing to offer you a full apology for the recent trends and occurrences outlined below.

I am sorry about the ignorant and inflammatory ‘policies’ of some of our ascendant political parties. 529 more words

Muslim Schools, counter-terrorism and moral panic!

It is right and proper that faith based schools, that use state money, are inspected to ensure they provide the learning expected. To my knowledge questions and concerns have been raised about Catholic, Church of England and Jewish schools for at least a couple of generations. 106 more words