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When men eat grass

A while ago a pastor in South Africa caused a stir when he coerced his congregants to eat grass in the name of God. I found it particularly hard to be sympathetic to the faithful probably because I thought they should know better. 674 more words

The Journey

On our journey in life we have to take responsibility for our part that we play in creating our own chosen reality.

About arithmetic and moral principles

A child is able to take in the elements of Arithmetic at quite an early age. But in arithmetic we observe how very easily an intellectual element can be given the child too soon. 267 more words


Which GOP Governors Should Be Charged With Murder?

It’s probably too late for most of them to save themselves before the law pounces. All they would have had to do would be to simply accept the fact that the Affordable Care Act is useful legislation that will protect the citizens they swore to serve. 498 more words

Better Government

On Art

Art is a moral act: a responsibility rather than a prestige. It requires your values not your resume. It requires your life, not your signature. Being an artist means not erecting your monuments but creating moments where blank canvasses become empty lands, you dig the soil with bare hands: to sow the seed, to cultivate, to nourish, to reap the harvest, to share the crops. 17 more words


Preventative Measures to Alleviate a Future Subprime Loan Financial Crisis

According to Graafland and van de Ven (2011), there are three core values present in the financial industry.  Breakdowns in these core values enabled financial leaders to institute unethical practices within their organizations.   582 more words

Financial Crisis

The Promised Land

Foreign Affairs Symposium Anne Smedinghoff Award

Last night, I had the opportunity to hear from Shabana Basij-Rasikh, the president and co-founder of the School of Leadership, Afghanistan… 479 more words