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How work can compromise our ethics

Before we enter the work place, we are never warned that the work can deform us ethically. We hear about accidents, sexual harassment, or even fraud, but how many of us are warned about the way that work can deform us ethically? 2,057 more words



I think about my mother some times and the lessons she taught her children, the values she sought to instill.

An understanding that the world didn’t evolve around us and even as children there were responsibilities to assume regardless of how minor they might be considering age as a facto… 685 more words

The Freedom to See for Ourselves

We each have the ability to see and understand things for ourselves. Yet, all too often we let the opinions and agendas of others take us in. 637 more words

Principle Concerns

The easiest way to mess up something important 101

As you may have noticed, August wasn’t exactly a writing month for me. Writing here at this blog should be easy, right? Um, heck no.  398 more words


The Hidden Costs of War Crimes to the Criminal

Dear Friends,

I hope you will consider sending this just-published piece (original version below) to supporters of Israel’s actions in Gaza you know. Most U.S. supporters of Israel that I know are decent people who reflexively support Israel without confronting the actual facts of the atrocities it is committing. 2,276 more words


The Realization of Inner Freedom

Integrating the complexities and contradictions in our lives so that we are able to act rationally and responsibly can be a living personal statement of inner freedom. 606 more words

Principle Concerns