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The candle of hope

In a home were four lit candles named peace, trust, love and hope. After witnessing arguments and fights that ensued daily in the house, the candle named peace decided that there wasn’t any need of it anymore and hence shut down.

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Moral Stories

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The Road of Heaven

Long-long ago, in a kingdom of South India, there lived a famous saint. It was said that even as a youth he had renounced the world and devoted his life to severe penance and search of God. 1,203 more words

Moral Stories

The Story of the Lion and the Old Hare

“On the Aravali mountain there lived a Lion named Fierce-of heart, and he was perpetually making massacre of all the wild animals. The thing grew so bad that the beasts held a public meeting, and drew up a respectful remonstrance to the Lion in these words:— 782 more words

Moral Stories

Merchant's Son

“In the country of Nagar there was a King named Krishna, and he made his son viceroy of a city called Krishnapoora. The Prince was rich, handsome, and in the bloom of youth. 295 more words

Moral Stories

The Story of the Jackal, Deer, and Crow

“Far away in Shrirampur there is a forest called Prabhat-Grove, and in it had long lived in much affection a Deer and a Crow. The Deer, roaming unrestrained, happy and fat of carcase, was one day described by a Jackal. 219 more words

Moral Stories


A monkey lived in a great tree on a river bank. In the river there were many Crocodiles. A Crocodile watched the Monkeys for a long time, and one day she said to her son: “My son, get one of those Monkeys for me. 472 more words

Moral Stories