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Good people finish first.

Before I start, I want to make a distinction between ‘good’ and ‘nice’. I initially used the word ‘nice’ in place of ‘good’, however due to the sometimes negative connotations surrounding it and its slightly ambiguous meaning I decided that ‘good’ would be more appropriate’. 221 more words

Drones: Moral or Immoral?

In his Daily Beast article, Mark McKinnon makes claims in support of the drone program and it’s morality. He believes it is morally just to send drones overseas instead of soldiers. 416 more words


Numbness in left hand

I have been dealing with numbness in my left hand for the last few months and the strength has weakened causing me to not to hold on longer when doing aerial.   174 more words


Mercy is as mercy does...

These past few days, from sometime on Sunday till now (and still ongoing), there has been the theme of forgiveness reoccurring in my life.

Often, I have thought that mercy – that is the act of forgiving – was something that had to be bestowed upon me from without. 108 more words



Opinions are funny things. Everyone differs in their beliefs, values, attitudes. There’s much debate about how opinions develop… perhaps they’re innate, perhaps they are constructed through social experiences. 658 more words


Christian Literature: Story of Narnia

Dinner Topics for Tuesday

Expert Children’s Book Reviewers tell us there is a great dearth of good literature for children and young adults. They are not being taught about God in schools, or even the Universal Morality that Lewis refers to.

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Dinner Topics


The last time i tried to push my envelope
It tore down
And i was left wondering
Whether i pushed it a bit too hard… 60 more words