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Follow the Leader

Yeah, we all follow the leader, some prime examples are Germany following Hitler, the Milgram experiment and subsequent experiments, the fast food store strip problem, etc. 342 more words

Finance And Life

A Moral Story: Even Donkey doesn't Give Up

One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. 205 more words

Disagree for a Coffee #3

TJ tests the morals of strangers by getting them to play Disagree for a Coffee. So long as they disagree with his statements, they win a coffee. 99 more words


Menyentuh akal budi si peragu: Part 2 - Tuhan Tidak Percaya Adanya Atheis

Pada postingan sebelumnya sudah dipaparkan bahwa walaupun sangat banyak usaha kita untuk meyakinkan orang Atheis tentang keberadaan Tuhan, mereka tetap tegar dengan apa yang mereka yakini. 594 more words


Being the Butt of My Own Dream Jokes

I’ve written about unpredictable dreams before, but they never cease to amuse me. Here’s one of the most recent:

I was with a large group of people visiting the zoo. 232 more words


Kritik des politischen Veganismus - Vortrag

Der po­li­ti­sche Vega­nis­mus er­lebt eine Blü­te­zeit. Egal ob Welt­hun­ger, öko­lo­gi­sche Zer­stö­rung oder mo­ra­li­sche Ver­ro­hung: Im Fleisch­kon­sum er­kennt der po­li­ti­sche Vega­nis­mus je nach Spiel­art den oder zu­min­dest einen ge­wich­ti­gen Grund. 147 more words