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Maybe it’s good to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful to God for them. 451 more words

Moral Reads

Ética, maturidade ou simples oportunismo?

Ultimamente, venho me deparando com inúmeras situações acerca de assuntos parecidos. Fulano falou isso e aquilo, ciclano fez tal coisa, e a outra fez e aconteceu, agora cai de amores pela mesma pessoa que tanto criticava. 569 more words

China Doll

They push you they pull you
Like tug if war
You fracture they see it
Encourage them more
You try to refrain and heal and grow… 14 more words


There is no going back. No mulligans. No refunds. No returns

Is it possible to remain constant in an ever changing world? Things change rapidly in this modern world we live in. Some changes are harmless. But there are things that should never change. 389 more words

The Broken World

I never spoke to you of the visions I once had
Of the world I had planned and of the life I had envisaged.
I knew you would have been terrified at the height of the towers…

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A Fable

Sacrificial Raccoon

On a crisp, clear spring morning, as golden sky arrows pierce the forest an old raccoon labors up a narrow path to the top of a knoll there to lay his tired and worn body in the warm sun. 283 more words

Native Peoples