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Ethos Syndicate: Flavorful Words and Virtues

Human virtue: Hope, faith and redemption.

The Son stands for the compensation of life and it’s composed of faith, hope and redemption. The Father stands for the source of life and he is omniscient, omnipotent and all good. 550 more words



A question for my fellas out there..

And to my ladies! Here’s a word of wisdom from @youngcatholics via Instagram..

Sincerely, Bukola.

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The 3 Myth of Pursuit of Ever Higher Wages in China

More often than not, the hidden prices we paid for engaging a seemingly higher wages job were brought vividly home only after things we valued the most were taken away or being compromised. 1,229 more words

I am Sorry You Hate my Body

This past weekend I was the victim of something I never thought could happen to me. I was slut shamed. 

In light of my quarter life crisis, I’ve been indulging in my cravings for alcohol and erotic dancing. 500 more words

accepting by declining

A propensity of error that evolved in the process of indoctrination (political, religious, etc.) of the masses, reflect an attitude of absolute stupidity in the area of acceptance. 59 more words

A Date So Awkward Even the Waiter Knew It...

One time I was on a date with a guy I’d been going out with for about a month. We were at a local restaurant, sitting on the same side of the booth. 552 more words

Dinner Date

The City - A Poem

Beauty built on fear of death,
Our hearts beat time to feel distress.

Chiselled names in marble tolled,
Build a god to not grow old. 43 more words