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How to get an Ought from an Is


Is it possible to get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’? That is, can we derive normative claims about what ‘should be’ from descriptive claims about what ‘is’? 3,920 more words

Burqas don't kill people. People kill people.

“Frankly I wish it was not worn.”

That was the mind-blowing statement from Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on October 1, 2014 about women wearing burqas on Australian shores. 1,138 more words


Snitch Culture

In politics as well as sociability there is a problem. This problem is persistent but despite being nearly reviled in most walks of life and ideological groups, it not only persists but also is upheld by the vast majority of people to be helpful, something which cleans up the community of undesirables, enables the police apparatus, and supposedly even saves lives. 893 more words

Mass Media

Killing vs. letting die (Trolley)

Killing someone involves a direct action, whereas letting someone die does not. But at what point do you cease to have a responsibility for letting someone die? 964 more words


Hitler and Stalin = Secularism? Think again.

I’d like to defend a popular criticism of Atheism from this point on. It is the claim that Secularists atrocities made by Stalin and Hitler should be taken as serious representatives of Secularism. 679 more words


Football and Morality

My favourite Adrian Peterson moment came back in 2008. It was before the Favre era, during a long stretch of darkness for Vikings fans where the quarterback position was occupied by a rotation of forgettable names like Holcomb, Frerotte, Johnson, Jackson, and Bollinger. 999 more words

On "doing good"

When people die, it’s not uncommon to hear people say of the deceased “He was a good man.” When they’re not reporting on the latest political infighting, or the most recent scandalous celebrity behavior, the major media like to present stories of how some people work hard to help others – such as Mother Theresa, Doctors Without Borders and the like. 1,326 more words