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Which Ones?

Which Ones?

When the young man of Matthew 19 came to Jesus asking about eternal life, he had an opaque view of what was really needed to be a faithful child of God. 1,183 more words

Spare the Rod

Recently NFL star Adrian Peterson has been in the news for using a switch (basically a thin, flexible bush or tree branch) to punish his son. 905 more words


The Fatal Flaw in Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values

Before I give my criticism, here’s a blog-sized summary of his book:

          There is objective moral truth. Relativism is self-defeating and intellectually dishonest. Ethics is not a matter for religion, but for science.  817 more words

Philosophy & The Finer Things

!! forgetting our TRUE SELF !!

Was watching a movie trailer. Today’s young generation’s morality is going down and down. May be it’s not their fault entirely. May be if someone is to be blamed then it’s their surrounding environment.  167 more words


"A reason, regardless of the mayhem, to live."

Fragments of Frank, 10.6.10 (con)

Maybe the problem is that we’ve never studied history.

Just before you leave I wanted to recommend something to everybody. I’ve spent just as much time as you reading this for this class. 739 more words

Fragments Of Frank Moretti


Since I started writing these reviews I have become aware of the fact that quite a few things scare me. Children terrify me! The Devil terrifies me! 592 more words


Coffee Shop

The man had urgency in his stride. Drawing his overcoat tighter to protect himself from the biting lashes of the wind, he looked around, to check if people were staring or if he was being followed. 1,284 more words