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Politically (in)Correct Epigenetics

I have recently started studying epigenetics, and find it quite fascinating. Once I started looking I found quite a few studies and documentaries online. In addition to the TED talk above, … 835 more words


Jane, The Mother of the AntiChrist?

There’s a new sick and creepy show coming to The CW this fall called “Jane The Virgin”:


The show’s title is a misnomer as far as I’m concerned.  290 more words



This the latest update about the Westminster Paedo rings scandal. In some ways it is amusing as long as you, or a member of your family has not been a victim of these evil monsters. 174 more words


Diamonds in the Rough

There’s a girl I’ve known for a good two or three years now. We’re ‘net friends – as the gamers say, we haven’t met “irl” (in real life). 1,221 more words


A Family Torn Apart

“My mother is a daughter of Zion. One side of her family fled from Russian pogroms in the Pale of Settlement, the other was caught up in the rise of Nazism in the cauldron of 20th-century Europe… My father’s family belongs to the other camp. 53 more words


Article: A Brief Defense of Necessary Evil


Gnon could be described as a secular Natural Law, the inevitable regression to the primal mean.

Two thoughts on this article.

1. Priorities. Is this policy better for this generation of voters (read: selfish me) or every generation after? 97 more words


How Could an Empire So Corrupt Last for So Long?

A favorite explanation for the Fall of the Roman Empire – was that it had become corrupt. Which it certainly had.

The counter to this argument was that the Byzantine Empire was just a corrupt – and was also Christian – but lasted much longer – nearly a thousand years. 178 more words