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calling all historians

But let me ask you, and others who study or enjoy history the same question. Do you think people in history acted more nobly or morally than people today in any capacity?

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Everything You Should Know About Piracy


Downloading movies, streaming series, copying music and so-forth have all become general practices these days by most of the population. In this post I’m going to outline a few… 1,324 more words

Personal Development


One facet of Western culture I have a problem with is the concept of the superhero. They are intended to be heroes, but let’s face it, they are little more than caped mascots. 215 more words


The Problem of Evil and the Tree of Knowledge of the Primary Assumed Disjunction

While demystifying faulty syllogisms more often than not is rather a boring, jejune task, at times I shall venture into this woebegone realm for the sake of a surprising, out of the ordinary idea such, as if hiding underneath the everyday phenomena of normalcy, may conceal its light of nature therein. 707 more words


Surrendering to Hope

In a cold room, nine containers stood leaning on the wall, illuminated by nine spotlights of deep blue glowing above them. Translucent glass covered the fronts of the containers, and each container was large enough to hold human body. 6,760 more words



I am going to make a comparison, a sort of, between three books that have hogged considerable lime light when they were published. The books are : V. 718 more words