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What is the place of Philosophy?

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein defends the place of Philosophy in her new piece at The Chronicle of Higher Education. She defends her discipline against those who unwillingly attack it by thinking Philosophy is a kind of literary endeavor, where no progress is made, but where we are constantly reflecting on “the irreducible reality of inwardness”, in the phrase used by Leon Wieseltier to describe Humanities in general (when answering the… 273 more words

Science In Literature

Out of Eden: Moral Paths Away from Belief

By Cole

There is no shortage of good reasons not to be a Christian, and as we progress culturally, more and more people are leaving the faith. 1,237 more words


To be a rational and morally driven actor? 1

The arguement is that a rational actor is more dependent on the environment than a morally driven actor. Or how many can paraphrase it irrationals are more independent than rationals. 631 more words


The Moral Equivalent of Leprosy

Wednesday is for Reality

The following article is from Kairos Journal is a welcome antidote to the mindless blameshifting rampant in our culture. Sometimes (most times) we feel guilty for one reason, … we ARE guilty. 694 more words

Wednesday Is For Prayer

Morality Part 1: It's About Relationship

The other day at dinner, I tell my boys that I am looking forward to teaching a class that evening on Morality–a favorite topic, which I hadn’t taught in a while.   716 more words


Jacob's Love Should Be Our Love (Kent Heaton)

Jacob’s Love Should Be Our Love 

It is not the most romantic way to get married but considering the customs of the day and the fact that an 84 year old man was willing to work seven years to marry; it is a true love story. 1,130 more words

Robert Audi on the Impersonality of Rational Desires

Since starting this blog, I have argued for moral realism in some form or other, but that is not to say that I have not entertained other metaethical positions before then – I used to be something of a moral nihilist that accepted morality as some type of social contract that was motivated by self-preservation. 410 more words