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Retrospect - Looking Ahead with Knights of the Old Republic II

Warning: Spoilers for a couple of decade old games ahead.

Do not, please, judge this game by its cover. I understand the dev’s choice, I truly do. 1,208 more words

Richard Dawkins gets owned by parents of Down Syndrome kids [pics]

In order to debate with compassion, empathy and humility you first must have compassion, empathy and humility. It’s becoming increasingly clear Dawkins possesses none of these qualities. 560 more words

US Politics

Even when Richard Dawkins is getting it right, he's getting it wrong

Another day, another ‘shocking’ twitter statement from Richard Dawkins – and ideal blogging fodder for me.  There’s a nice tabloid report here:


I love where it says: 635 more words


Loving the broken, The Walking Dead's Kenny, and the God who sees

I love broken people.  Maybe it comes from being deeply broken myself. Maybe it comes from knowing that everyone is in some way broken to the core.  1,138 more words


“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.” ―Laurence Sterne


Jesus Christ: Madman or Messiah?

Regardless of what you choose to believe, you cannot possibly say that Christ was simply a moral teacher. CS Lewis articulates this point better than I ever could: 587 more words


Driving Idea's

An Idea leads to a decision, decision leads to action, action to habit, and habit to lifestyle. It begins way back in the foggy neurological-fabricating center of our being. 651 more words