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Being in NSA, and patenting it

I’ve just read the article published by foreignpolicy.com located here and as always have to question government employees ethics related to their work. While Gen. Alexander, the head of the largest intelligence agency in the world, puts out a new product, a short time after “retiring” from NSA, one has to question his ethical values. 121 more words


"Bright" lights. Dim minds.

Recently Dawkins tweeted some things about rape and comparison that had a lot of people in a huff. Basically, people get hurt feelings and in our society of tolerance that is the one thing that won’t be tolerated. 538 more words

Culture Gauging

about_ creative rights and morality

When was the last time you bought a CD?  Or walked into a bookstore?  Or, if you’re a gamer, actually bought the real copy of a game? 253 more words


Papers, Please - video games and morality

This week I chatted with Sarah Gillman on 936 ABC Hobart about Indie video games like Papers, Please and morality. Have video games resolved, what my Honours student Brad Almond once referred to as the Han Solo problem – where you can’t play as a morally ambiguous character in role-playing games. 30 more words

Video Games

Exodus 1 - Does God Say It's Okay To Lie?

Exodus 1

I plan to move more swiftly (or at least more regularly) through the rest of the Bible than I did Genesis. That said, I think it’s worth tackling Exodus 1 on its own, as it sets up some new themes. 894 more words


WND Rejoices that "Famous Atheist" Richard Dawkins Says Something Stupid Because No Christian Ever Has Said Something Stupid

This is going to be a very short post on a very current event. FYI, I’m very busy for the next two weeks, so it’s unlikely there’ll be many updates here unless I do it while I’m on a plane. 197 more words


I recruited her to shoot porn. Then her fiancé found the photos online.

Look at what soft porn does to its victims!

“I have a HUGE problem. I’m getting married in a month, and my fiancé FOUND MY PICTURES on the internet. 95 more words