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With time comes experience and with experience comes wisdom. What time does not always bring is maturation and needed growth all of us require to advance in the real world. 921 more words


The Politics of Religion (Alternately, The Religion of Politics)

Any topic that qualifies as a complicated conversation generally contains a lot of heated passion from every side, regardless of the topic being explored. I will of course be talking from my own point of view, so go with the assumption that it’s my opinion.

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The Guiding Principle Of Honesty

Just a few short months ago, I decided to start guiding my life by a single principle. This principle best fits the values and work that my life is devoted to. 398 more words


A Word to Hateful Religious Zelots

Recent events have got me thinking about religion and the people who make it look so unappealing. Past and present. In ancient times we had the Romans expanding their borders into the middle east. 813 more words


Morals, instinct or tradition?

When it comes to morals, we humans have so many different understandings and definitions, it can be difficult to place a certain feeling and/or action in a group and label that group without the names changing constantly. 327 more words

whale belly fishes & cold trout dishes.

lonely man seeks wooden friend.

conscience ignored, bitter end.


gypsy carts, lies in rain.

elongated noses, sprouting nature.

utopian fair, engorged despair.

seahorse play, phalic whale melee. 18 more words


The Law is not based on what is good, but on what is just. It comes as a constant surprise to some people that the two are not the same.

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