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“Kindness is classy, and you can disagree
without being a nasty douche about it.”

~ Danielle LaPorte,


A Clash of Ethics - My Debate with Jersey Flight

A few months ago I debated atheist Jersey Flight over the idea of “moral realism” (e.g. the idea that moral statements refer to objective states in the universe). 86 more words


Christmas Must Be Something More

There are people who claim they can talk to the dead. I don’t know if they really can. I’m, at least in theory, open to the possibility, but at the same time I’m also realistic and objective, and with that in mind, I have to point out the other options. 599 more words


Cold War's revolving door : free cigars and missiles!

Barack Obama almost instantly reversed my opinion on his foreign policy by keeping one of his electoral promises. He is going to normalize the USA’s relationship with Cuba. 494 more words


UK: Free Speech and Conscience RIP...

“Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it”   (Albert Einstein)

Tell that to the highest court in the UK where the right of conscience NOT to participate in any way in the killing of unborn babies has been denied.   439 more words

Jury Duty

I have very conflicting feelings about this summons.
First, I was thrilled just to hobble to the mailbox.
Then I saw this. I know I could get out of it… 18 more words


righteous and smug

Your morals are bad and you should feel bad (not really): Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind.

If you’re going to study a fuzzy, unwieldy, squishy topic like morality you have to start with a definition.  1,429 more words

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