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Sept 15, 2014

Morals. A rare words it seems in today’s society. It was once an honorable thing to be moral or have morals. They were sought after and considered more valuable than jewels and wealth. 489 more words

Daughter of Fortune: Quote

“However, in those last months of riding across the golden landscape of California she felt she was flying free, like a condor. She was awakened one morning by the whinnying of her horse with the full light of dawn in her face, surrounded by tall sequoias that, like centenary guards, had watched over her sleep, by gentle hills, and, far in the distance, purple mountaintops; …

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A fount of useless knowledge

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to a youtube recording of an album that we used to listen to when we were young. You see we were a bit obsessed with this one particular movie (I suppose in all truth we still are…) called Raiders of the Lost Ark. 1,263 more words


Jad Recommends

Half Bad

by: Sally Green

Taking place in a world where there are White Witches (the good ones) and Black Witches (the evil ones), Nathan is both. 64 more words


Having it both ways

At this moment America is at peace with the world, yet with careful political engineering we live in a state of perpetual war. This is only possible due no longer calling wars and acts of war, war, instead they are labeled as counter-terrorism operations, or some other sanitized name. 2,128 more words


I've got the [shirt] blues...

In this short note from a BYU student to another, the girl in question is asked to attend to the low cut shirt she is wearing and the attention it is drawing from people. 98 more words

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