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Forlorn Hope

It has been reported today that the terminally ill are to be offered experimental life enhancing drugs in a bid to relieve their pain and suffering. 160 more words

Old News

Fuck the sick, kids need hockey!

I don’t hate hockey.

I have to say this first in order to ensure that hockey fans and players alike won’t hate me too much for what I’m going to say in the following paragraphs. 822 more words

On Identity

It is, I believe, fairly universally believed that our identity is shaped by our values and how we respond to our values. It is likewise believed that for an action to have value, it must be conceived of within a value-schema. 309 more words


Ethical Considerations When Covering Suicides in the Press

People are so odd. What I find really odd is that we are so fascinated with a tragic story; we are nosy and we want to know more about what happened and who is involved. 687 more words

Collegian Debates- Why I’m a Christian Who Doesn’t Drink

Wil England, contributing writer

Knowledge puffs up while love builds up. – I Corinthians 8:2

It is legal in Louisiana to drive with an alcoholic Daiquiri as long as the straw has not been pushed through the lid. 556 more words

The Mississippi Collegian

A Thesis on Man of Steel: Should that neck snap have happened?

So it’s been nearly a year and a half since Man of Steel came out, and still when I go around exploring the internet, I always seem to manage to find myself reading some argument a couple of people are having over Man of Steel. 882 more words

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