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Sweating and burning calories instead of eating them :)

It is 9:30 am and I have already did 63 minutes of videos and burned 275 calories … I am actually sweating and breathing hard :) It feels great but if you will excuse me I now need a shower ;)


Spring Cleaning, Anyone?

Time to dust off a few cobwebs! It seems I let things lapse again, but not for quite so long this time. For the time being, I still have a file full of unfinished articles for this blog, but with looking for work, living in one of the WORST areas of the NATION for being jobless and seeking work, up against everyone who WAS going to school, but can’t now, because they don’t have the unemployment extension that they needed to finish their coursework. 1,405 more words

Weight Loss

Gastric banding is the best treatment to morbid obesity

When you are out of shape, it’s not only the food which you have to take care about but also you miss out on your favorite outfits. 485 more words


Big Pants! Then and Now.

I thought a lighthearted, fun post was in order.  It’s been way too serious around here lately!

The picture on the left is me before losing over 230 pounds wearing black pants.   74 more words

Weight Loss

Qualifying for Gastric Bypass Surgery: Mixed Emotions

Ok, my gastric bypass surgery is 3 days away!!…So I’m definitely behind on my posts.

Here is the story of how I found out if I qualified for gastric bypass surgery under my health insurance. 1,145 more words

MY 600-LB LIFE: Tara And Best-Worst of the Season

MY 600-LB LIFE concluded its season with Tara’s struggle to conquer demons and unhealthy living after peaking at 606 lbs. by the age of 35. 729 more words



I watched this show again and this week it was about a 37 year old man who weighed 732lbs. His father and sister both died within 6 months of each other due to obesity and he lives with his mom.   331 more words