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The Efficient Road to Career Success

Think you need crazy skills to become a success? You don’t. You just need a blueprint of how to get to the top of your game. 30 more words

Recovering Sinners

‘Recovering Alcoholics’; ‘Recovering Addicts’. Most of us probably know, or know of, some really fine people who fall into that category. Some may be our close friends or relatives. 1,547 more words

Abundant Life

Three Secrets to Success That You Can Nail Today

The secret to success –
so many are in search of it, yet it seems so few can find it. The truth is that the secret to success is not as big of a secret as you may think. 24 more words

Harness the Productivity Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs With These Four Habits

Even if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur, chances are you want to work like one. Majority of successful entrepreneurs have the productivity habits and energy that we can all covet. 26 more words

Making Early Retirement a Possibility at Any Age

When’s the last time you thought about retirement? Most people think about retirement with distant thoughts, such as, “When I am 60 and can finally retire, I think I might go explore China or something”. 21 more words

Just Invest Already - Strategies for Getting Started

Just Invest Already – Strategies for Getting Started Most people have not invested their money in stocks and bonds for a wide variety of reasons – they don’t know what they are doing, they don’t have that much money to invest, or financial advisers have seemed unhelpful when it comes …

Rise and Rise of Zero Hours Contracts

Updated details here:


Are these contracts positive or negative in your view?

I am aware the Government proposes changes to present legislation to enable those on these contracts can take second or third jobs to ensure they earn some money. 113 more words