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How Millionaires Invest

It is no secret that most millionaires (aside from a good portion of celebrities and sport’s stars) are wise with their money. It took work to make their fortune, so they want to make the most of every dollar invested. 17 more words

I don't want nor do I need another J.O.B

To be divine is to be whole. To be whole is to be complete, the evil and the good.

As my layoff from my 2 years of working in auto insurance nears (I will not disclose the company’s name at this time…cause I’m still working until this layoff, cause I want to ensure my severance pay is direct deposit.) I have come to a conclusion that I would rather jump off a 50 story building while holding a gun to my head, while I plummet to a solid concrete ground with giant chards of glass surrounded by under fed, starved, violent and ferocious lions waiting close by to eat my mangled body; rather than get another J.O.B. 635 more words


Would You Like To Be Taught How To Make Money From Home?

Are you struggling to pay your bills, pay for the gas in your vehicle, take the loved ones out for a special night, or do you simply want more money at the end of the month?   175 more words


Scheduling with A Side Hustle

Working a full time job and a part time job/ side hustle is a LOT of work. So much so that it’s like burning a candle from both ends – and ultimately, that level of stress will burn YOU out. 680 more words

Pocketbook Psychology

6 Ways to Save on Car Costs

6 Ways to Save on Car Costs. Between buying the car, regular maintenance, and regular fill-ups at the gas station, a car can put a pretty dent in your budget each year. 26 more words

Side Hustling: Four Manly Side Jobs to Consider

There are several articles out there that are full of ideas on how to make some extra income. However, when you read the ideas, they include points like, babysitting or selling crafts on Etsy. 21 more words