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Saving A Lot More Cash With Lowes Residence Improvement Coupons by Interior Design Blog

Paul B Fabela, August 22nd, 2014. Miscellaneous, Saving A lot more Income With Lowes Home Improvement Coupons.
A house improvement venture at any scale is by no means a low cost plan to fund whatsoever. 33 more words

Kurt Busch Unabridged: On Running A Double, His Separation From Penske, And More by Auto Blog Via

Kurt Busch has lengthy fascinated NASCAR fans because A) it’s generally agreed that he’s a superlative driver with 25 wins and a NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship to his credit score, and he continues to race in the Professional Stock division of the NHRA on an “opportunity permitting” basis a… if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words

Coffee Condiment Organizer for Cups, Lids, Condiments & More. 3 Movable dividers. 13 1/2"" Wide. Great for Small Coffee Serving buy

Coffee Condiment Organizer for Cups, Lids, Condiments & More. 3 Movable dividers. 13 1/2″” Wide. Great for Small Coffee Serving

Coffee Condiment Organizer for Cups, Lids, Condiments & More. 284 more words

Friday Deals: 3TB hard drive, BoinxTV, HDTVs with gift card, more!

Get the brand new Playstation4: 1. Share using buttons below 2. Click for details. Once again, its time for Friday Deals! Every Friday, we’re going to take a look at current sales, and bring you what we think are some of the best bargains on prime apps, gadgets, and peripherals for you, the discriminating MacNN and Electronista reader. 32 more words

More About Arts And Crafts Styled Kitchen Design And Style by Interior Design Blog

Paul B Fabela, August 22nd, 2014. Kitchen Design and style, Much more About Arts and Crafts Styled Kitchen Layout.
Kitchen spot is no longer a spot the place you normally cook and put together foods for your family, it has a lot more functions these days. 24 more words

Strange love of linen, or how I learned to stop an arrow (and enjoy the process)

Guest post by Scott Bartell

I blame Alexander the Great. Because of him, I’ve had to pore over close to a hundred ancient Greek and Roman texts, repeatedly scan and document armor variations on over a thousand Greek vase paintings and sculptures, learn more about the flax plant than I ever thought was possible, and get shot multiple times with arrows by my former history professor (who was, thankfully, a skilled enough archer for me to be here today and writing this post). 801 more words


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Researching and writing a book is hard work, but it rarely involves being shot by arrows from close range. That's typically true unless your name is Scott Bartell and you are trying to recreate linothorax armor. Linothorax was a linen armor that was worn by Alexander Great and his troops. Bartell, Gregory Aldrete, and Alicia Aldrete wanted to recreate Alexander's armor and finally determine how effective it was. In true Mythbusters fashion, Bartell offered himself up as a test subject and was shot "approximately a dozen times." Fortunately, the recreated linothorax was extremely effective and kept Bartell safe and sound.

Guest Post: Lowell & the Executive

Today’s guest post is from Lindsay Schakenbach, a Ph.D. candidate in history at Brown University. Her dissertation,  “Manufacturing Advantage: War, the State, and the Origins of American Industry 1790-1840,” explores the development of the arms and textile industries in the context of national security, diplomacy, and territorial expansion. 860 more words

Guest Posts

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Lindsay Schakenbach, a guest author at The Junto, argues that federal intervention into private industry is nothing new. Even the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts were built as a result of "federal meddling." Schankenbach describes the role played by the federal government in helping both found the Merrimack Manufacturing Company and expanding the number of markets were the textile manufacturer could sell its goods.