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The best damn IT band stretch ever

The most commonly cited reason for stretching the iliotibial (IT) Band is to alleviate knee pain. Before we can state the best way to stretch it, we need to talk about what the IT band is, and then how it influences knee pain. 2,478 more words


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This certainly will help me with my left knee problem I currently have. And I am sure I should be able to to do more hiking, specially in the winter that I like snow shoeing.

Shelter at full capacity as gifted pets become returned pets

CLAY COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – It can be an exciting time, pets as gifts over the holidays.

Just before Christmas humane societies reported an uptick in adoptions, but sometimes those furry friends find themselves back in the shelter. 308 more words


Fasttech CEO RDA Review

SKU 1934200 https://www.fasttech.com/product/1934200[1]

Price: $10.68

Authentic design by Celtic Mods.

I don’t do reviews, in fact this is my first one. But this RDA deserves more exposure for more reasons than one. 326 more words


Try after the last try.

Sometimes your greatest ideas won’t come until your 1,000 ideas into it and frustrated about where your project is going. But imagine never being persistent enough to get to the 1,000th try, or whatever number is up there in your specific industry. 31 more words

Read yourself in

'Every reader reads himself into the book' Goethe's Faust Illustrated by Harry Clark pic.twitter.com/apXpe4iLGN

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Mind defeats heart beats
The music plays she dances
The spell unbroken