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Jubilation ...

No, I didn’t win the lottery. But it feels like I won a lottery, maybe a small one.

Yesterday, I applied for the building permit on the little house I planned for McBride. 884 more words

Life And Pets

Mushrooms: 1

Mushroom season is nearing it’s way out for a few months. I’ve decided to do a post in their honor.

Mushrooms contribute to our land in ways that most things can’t do nearly as efficiently. 352 more words


In Memoriam...

How do you capture 86 years on this planet in one blog post? How can you capture the gut busting laugh, combined with a giant shit eating grin that was both larger than life and yet only 5’7″ or so tall? 675 more words


Euro Snacks | Andorra

Murgues farcides amb carn de Porc

500 g morels, large
1 botifarra raw/pork sausage meat
50 g olive oil
20 g butter
10 g pine nuts
10 g raisins
10 cl brandy
Pepper… 46 more words

Mushroom Hunts

We’ve found a surprising number of mushrooms during in our time in California, considering the drought and lack of local wilderness.  Whenever and wherever some source of moisture reaches the earth, though, voyeuristic fungi spring up here and there. 129 more words


After the Rain, Comes Mushrooms

We’ve had a number of days of good rain and the ground is now quite wet, so it is mushroom time!  At higher elevations, even nearby, people hunt chanterelles and morels.  199 more words