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Documentary: Know Your Mushrooms

Earlier this month, the 33rd annual Telluride Mushroom Festival took place in Telluride, Colorado. This is an event that draws in hundreds (thousands, perhaps?) of fungi enthusiasts. 516 more words


"Elfin Saddle" Fungi Fruiting

A group of fungi called the Ascomycetes, or sac fungi, all produce their spores in sac-like structures. This group includes, among others, morels, false morels, cup fungi and saddle fungi. 114 more words


Review: Morels

I hate mushrooms. I think they’re gross, and to be quite frank, some of them even make me feel nauseated. Furthermore, despite my love of camping, I don’t really like hiking. 1,082 more words

Board Games

USS Arizona, Star Realms on Android, and Hidden Surprises

Well, I didn’t shoot off fireworks (my neighbors may have, or they may have been shooting guns in the air, either possibility is equally likely), cook up any hot dogs (though we did drive around downtown Oakland looking for the hot dog cart lady after mini-golfing in Castro Valley, then eventually gave up and went to an all-night burger stand), or even go to the beach (although there was sand in my shoes at one point), but this July 4th weekend certainly warrants a blog update! 1,139 more words